Friday, April 4, 2014

Beginning Lolita Fashion at Seventeen^^

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and welcome to My Loli Corner!^^

One of the brands I'm beginning to become a fan of is Putumayo. After purchasing my first loli piece a few weeks ago at AM from them, I'm beginning to become more at ease when it comes to ordering online. My only fear before was that the Free sizing wouldn't fit my average frame, but after trying on my jacket, it fit perfectly fine!^^

With that issue clear, I'm now beginning to look at more lolita online shops, as well as sales so I can slowly build my lolita wardrobe.  Most lolis I've spoken to referred me to  Bodyline to start out with, and after looking at some items, I've now made a list on what I need to invest in.

1.) at least two dresses

2.) two jumper skirts

3.) more katyushas

4.) two separate sets

5.) better shoes

6.)  at least one handbag

7.) I need a blouse

8.) a parasol so won't toast in the sunny months

9.) usakumya (I just want her:)

Since I only get $20 for allowance once a week, I plan to at least invest in one piece per month!^^

I already know exactly which items I want, so below are just a few to list!^^

I think this one is more so classic lolita, but I think it's a very cute dress to wear out. I do like wearing dark pieces as well, but since I'm very girly and love cute things, I always gravitate to the lighter and pastel colors. My favorite colors for lolita dresses so far is Pink, Saxe Blue, light green, and antique lvory.

This print really reminds me of something that I would see Angelic Pretty sell. Angelic Pretty is one of my favorite Lolita brands because of the cute prints and pastel colors!~
Personally, I would purchase this dress in green or red, since to me the print really stands out in those two colors.

Even though this certain dress style does not come in any pastels, I really love the Print, and it sort of reminds me of Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly Cosmetics print^^
Navy is my favorite color for this print^^

I'm a huge fan of florals, and overall I love the intricate lace and other details. If purchased, I would get beige.

Very doll- like! One of the things my close friends and family always said, was that I look like a walking doll, lol!~ This outfit if purchased in saxe blue would really make me look like a Walking Doll


I like this Polka Dot print since it's not too extravagant and is something that I could wear out, to just go out, and still be lolita. One of those casual dresses in your wardrobe, you know? I really like the Lime Green, and to me really compliments the dress and the print and lace.

This item to me is very sweet, and the baby pink and lace is totally up my alley!^^

I really love this Print and I believe it's a JSK? The print looks somewhat similar to a newsprint, and is very unique so far to what I've seen print wise in this fashion style.


All of my clothes have a certain theme in which I'm inspired by, and this one certainly reminds me of the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.  Stating this, I would choose the red color for separate coord.

Out of all separates, this is my fave! My eyes go automatically to the music notes at the bottom of the dress, amd Saxe Blue would be my pick.

This coord is more boyish compared to what I would usually wear, but since I'm very creative with all my coords (even non lolita clothing), so instead of making it more so boyish, I would make it look feminine by my hair and makeup^^
I've been dreaming on how I would go about this for awhile, but once I do invest in it, I'll do a whole coord and makeup breakdown for you guys!~

This is all that caught my eye from Body Line, and I can't wait to begin purchasing my Loli wardrobe!
Just like Gyaru fashion, it may not happen overnight, but by not giving up, I'll continue to improve.

This is the end of this post. For more updates on my Progress as a Seventeen year old Lolita, as well as trends in the Loli world, become part of my world by joining my blog, as well as follow me on my official accounts!

As always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish, and see you in the next article!