Sunday, April 6, 2014

De Paris, avec amour~

Bonjour everyone, this is Minnie with today's Coord, and makeup look^^

It's been such a rainy and dreary day today in Houston, so I decided to turn this depressing day into a fun, bright, and happy one.
To make all my Coords fun, I always have an original theme, with inspiration. This Sunday's theme was, "From Paris, With Love~"

One of my favorite countries is France, and I've always admired Parisian fashion and culture, so my goal for this coord was to create something along the lines of vintage, spring flair. Something that would be featured in a catalogue or magazine, so I went to my first closet and instantly grabbed my new George sherbert orange colored dress, and my bright orange sunhat from Papaya last year!

My favorite Sunhat!^^

I love this dress, I brought it yesterday while out shopping, and when trying it on, it fit perfectly^^
For Walmart, I think the dress was made fairly well, and the belt matches perfect.
I would wear it to the movies, out on a weekend, or even to school, very nice.

George Women's Belted Textured Knit Dress
As for makeup, I decided to go for a more natural look today and just applied my FiT ME!355 powder foundation, and focused more on both my eyes and lips to stand out.

 Before applying eyeshadow, I always use my E.l.f  Eye Primer to make my eye-make last forever!

 To make my eyes were very simple, yet sophisticated, I used my Rimmel London's Afternoon Tea Pallet and used the matte beige at the corner of my eye, fading to the bronze, then to the dark brown.
After doing this, I finished it off by using Europe's #1 Beauty Brand, Essence 's Liquid black eyeliner by starting off at the middle of my lid and making the cat eye gradually bigger.

Minnie Tip: NEVER apply eyeliner from the corner of your eye! To make it more precise and perfectly straight, apply from the outward in.

As for my lip color, I used a bright orange! (offbrand; Sally's)

To me, what makes an outfit shine are the accessories!

One of my favorite accessory pieces is my Charlotte Russe Heart necklace, or what I nicknamed my "dream locket," from last Summer. It's a yellow gold, and has pearl and rinestone details.

Overall, today I was a ray of sunshine, and now I'm working on tomorrow's look^^

I hate dreary and depressing days, since I'm a very happy person. Do you like rainy weather? If so, why? Leave your answer in the comment section below, I love hearing from you^^

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Until tomorrow's coord, this is Sakurai Minako, and as alway,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!~