Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Follower's Picks,Favorite Instagram Looks, and my Random Social Net Moments!~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, giving you all an update on my favorite ootds and makeup looks! Just this year, I've officially launched my official twitter, as well as Instagram, in which I update daily by posting my makeup looks for that day, as well as ootds and random vids of my crazy antics, lol!^^
So far, my favorite social media app is Instagram, and I enjoy reading some of you guys wonderful and sometimes quite funny comments. So today, I'll share some funny Social media moments, as well as my top rated looks via Instagram!~

With 26 likes, this ootd is in the lead! This pick is one of my favorites since I love the editing I did to make it look cooler, lol!

Coming in #2 on the list with 21 likes, this pic was taken last week. Since I was doing various looks for my Ulzzang look book for Spring last week for the Inzzang Beauty Channel, I experimented with my look each day, titling each with a theme. I call this Ulzzang look "Natural Living Doll," since I kept my hair naturally curly instead of straightened, and simply added a cute Katyusha from Korea.

This random pic comes in #3, and is my only non makeup and down to earth look. My hair in this photo is also natural, and it's another one of my faves.

In this photo, I was about to watch my makeup, but yawned... it was a long and hard week full of studying. This one comes in #4 with 17 likes.

Inspired by kpop girl's fashion, yesterday's make comes in #5 with 14 likes. Overall, this is my favorite makeup look, and the lighting was perfect to take some selfies!

Favorite Social Network Moments! <3

Reading some of your messages and comments makes me feel very happy, as well as lightens up my day <3
Here are some of my favorite comments and messages from all of you, as well as some commonly asked questions!

1.) "Are you Japanese/ Korean/ Asian, etc.?" 
Answer: Out of all questions, this is the most common one that I'm asked via facebook message, Insta and even in public in real life-- with my parents sitting next to me too, lol. As much as I love Asian fashion and culture, I am not Japanese, Korean, or Asian in general--I'm African American with a very VERY small Lakota Souix from my Great grand mother on my Mum's side, and First Nation from my Father's side (American Indian tribe names). I identify myself as Black and am proud of both my Native and African backgrounds :) I'm just awesome with my Ulzzang/ GAL photo posing, and makeup ;)

My Father and Mum--I'm Black^^

2.) "Are you British? You sound like you have a British accent."
Answer: This one I got yesterday. It was quite odd, as well as funny since I don't personally think that I really have one, but I'll take it as a compliment since I love the Brit accent^^
 I wish! No, I am not British, I'm American, and I moved all over the United States while growing up.

3.) "Did you Visit/ live in Japan?"

Answer: No unfortunately, I've always loved Japanese History, as well as pop culture, so I'd love to visit Japan and maybe live there one day!

Hearing from all of you is very fun, and I want to let you know that I read each and every letter! Even though I may not reply to you just yet, I'm quite busy, since it's finals and testing season, so I'm a busy girl. Don't worry, I'll reply soon^^

Lastly, here is your favorite random vid from Instagram with me lip syncing my favorite Selena Gomez song "I love you like a love song".

For those whom haven't, follow my Instagram, twitter, google+, and facebook fanpage to never miss out on the fun!^^
This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish~