Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday's OOTD


This is Minnie and this was what I wore yesterday out^^
Just this week, my new SHINee World Onew shirt came in, so therefore yesterday's outfit was kpop inspired with floral pattern incorporation! xD

I love SHINee, and have been listening to their music since middle school, so I was glad to sport my new tee. Personally, I rarely wear jeans (since I think it's boring), so instead of pairing my Onew shirt with some skinnys, I went to my casual closet and immediately went for my floral print multicolored skirt that was perfect for the Spring, as well as adding the fun and cute Korean Fashion flair. By tucking my shirt into my skirt and keeping the two together with a plain brown belt, it made the shirt appear more form fitted, and made the outfit flow better. 

I also loved my fun and gold and neon pink headband that stood out, as well as matched my outfit perfectly <3


My makeup today was quite natural, and I mainly focused on my eyes and lips, using no highlighter, contouring, etc. (since I was rather lazy today)
To give myself a pure doll-like look, I applied my eyeliner downwards, as well as layered two natural criss-cross lashes on each eye to make my eyes appear even wider (and using window lighting and looking up into the cam ;)
I also gradianted my lips by using a dark red stain on the inside only, then switching to a lighter pink for the rest of my lips. To make the two blend and appear more natural, I overlap the two colors.

Tip: The key to blending your makeup is overlaping, doing this will make you make look more cleaner, as well as natural. 

It is now past midnight, I'm rather buggered, so I think I'll end the post for you guys here. 
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This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish