Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kawaii Coord of the Week: Sweet Soul Shop! /(=◕ x ◕=)\

Today's look^^ get the makeup look in the next post! ;)

Hello everyone, this is Minnie!~

Welcome to the first Kawaii Coord of the week! Kawaii coord is where I'll show you some of my favorite clothing pieces from my favorite online shops, as well as what I'd recommend for you to complete the look^^

This week's Kawaii Coord will be from Sweet Soul Shop.  Located in the lovely Sydney, Australia (my uncle's there now), Sweet Soul Shop is a store envy shop that sells the most cutest GAL, Ulzzang, and Fairy Kei like clothes for very decent and reasonable prices. 
Ever since seeing my friend, the Lovely ify's positive review, I was eager to go take a look for myself, but unfortunately, the site was under construction at that moment in time.

When trying to check the site again today, I was happy to be greeted by such kawaii items, as well as cute and very pink site design!^^

Here is this week's Kawaii Coord of the Week!
My theme for this week's coord is Pretty in Pastels! One of the most popular trend in Japan right now is putting an unique spin onto the conservative Japanese uniform^^ 

If purchased, this is how I'd create my perfect uni

 1.) Cutie Sailor Blouse

Cutie Sailor Blouse

This cutie sailor blouse caught my eye first. Even though simplistic in design, there is so much that could be done with it. Right now, this blouse is available in sizes S-M only, and is going for $22.00 USD. If purchased, I would choose the white blouse option to pair it with the fun skirt below:)

Popular Kawaii Pastel Suspender Skirt
Of course the Cutie Sailor Blouse would match well with the black Kawaii suspennder skirt, but since I wanted to take the non traditional approach, if purchased, I would choose the pink to highlight the red stripe in the cutie blouse's tie. This option would make the outfit really fun and unique for those whom are into fairy kei, kawaii, and harajuku style! The Popular Kawaii Pastel Suspender Skirt is available in colors Pastel  Purple, bright and fun pink, and for the conservatives, black. Currently, this item is priced at $20.00 USD!

Kawaii Bear Print Tights

Add the Kawaii Bear Print Tights to give off the illusion of you wearing the now popularly trending thigh highs for only $10.00 USD

Sweet Lace-Look Flats

The Sweet Lace Look Flats in white for $20.00 would be a cute addition to the outfit, and balances it out over all. Sweet Soul Shop shoes are listed in Chinese sizing, but they do have a conversion chart listed with each shoe^^

Adorable Winged Backpack
When seeing this kawaii Adorable Winged Backpack, I just had to pair it with it^^ If purchased, I'd choose the color pink so the bag could balance out the outfit, as well as finish off the coord tastefully 

Minnie's Tips!^^

On the pastel pink jumper skirt, I'd add some kawaii fun buttons on it to really give off that unique tokyo street fashion look^^ The new Sailor Moon buttons would work swell^^
Were not purchased from Sweet Soul Shop

This is all for this week's Kawaii Coord, not so bad eh? For more information on all of the clothes featured in this post, the links to each item are posted below and be sure to tell them, Minnie sent you^^

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Until next time, take care, and as always
Stay Beautiful and Stylish~

Items used in this week's coord

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