Friday, April 4, 2014

Let's Learn Korean!~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and welcome to the The First Korean Lesson!~

One of the Most important things to learn first when learning a language is a simple introduction. Introductions are very important, especially in Korean culture and language because this is how one finds out someone's social status level (if an honorific should be used).

Before getting more complexed, I'll teach you a very easy and basic introduction where you can use in any setting, rather it be used in School, or work!^^

Below is my language vid from the Inzzang Beauty Channel, on Korean introductions. Feel free to read along with the text if you need to do so for pronouncing purposes~

Kawaii graphics


  Kawaii graphics
 Korean: Annyong-haseo, nae ileum eun Minnie ibnida, Mannaso-bankawoyo!

English: Hello, My name is_________. Nice to meet you!
Korean: Annyong-haseo,nae ileum eun__________ ibnida. Mannaso-bankanwoyo!^^

P.S: I had my teeth done that day, so I know I pronounced Annyong wrong, sorry >///<

It's actually pronounced "Ahn-yong"

I'm your teacher, tutor, and friend, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave them below, and I promise to get back to you within a reasonable time!

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Gamsa-hamnida, and see you in the next Korean Lesson!~