Friday, April 4, 2014

Minnie's Inzzang Beauty Channel Intro^^

Hello everyone, this is Minnie!~

With the launch of the Inzzang Beauty Channel this week on Youtube, here is my Introduction Video on how I got into Ulzzang, and why it's one of my favorite fashion styles^^
All of the other girl's introduction videos are up, so feel free to take a look at each of our vids so you can get to know us all^^
Videos will be updated every week by each of us, and I'll be uploading every Saturday with my Ulzzang Korean Lessons, Occasional Makeup tutorials, and much more! So subscribe, and welcome to Inzzang Beauty!


For my first Ulzzang Korean Lesson on Introduction, visit the Inzzang Channel on Youtube, as well as look forward to my new, Let's Learn Korean Blog Series!~

On my Official Channel, I'll be starting my mostly requested, Let's learn Japanese, so look forward to it!~

For daily updates on coords, upcoming posts, videos, and more, follow my official accounts!~

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish