Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Dream V Yukata Styling ★

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and as promised here's my Yukata styling from Dream V (Yumetenbo)!^^

Putting on the Yukata was very self explainatory (since it was really just a yukata top over an sundress)!
I decided to do my hair similar to how the model wore her's in the stock photos, by pulling my hair up in a pony tail and wearing the scrunchie that was provided in the set. Since I wanted my hair to look more formal, I added my pearl and light pink side bow head band and butterfly hair pin I've gotten from my local china town.

Mi hair <3

I love floral, and to match the pattern and colors, I've incorporated the rose colors into my eye makeup.  I decided to also layer my natural falsies to make my eyes look more dramatic, but still don't take away from the Japanese traditional look :)

Finally, for shoes, I added a sandal with a slight wedge so I won't look too tall (since I'm already 5'6 1/2).
 Below are the final snaps of Monday's ootd!^^

Childhood friend and I-- he helped me out with my hair^^

I love my new Yukata, all thanks to DreamV!  To see how my haul as well as review ordering from both Rakuten and Dream V, read my previous post in the link provided below^^

My Yukata Arrived! XD

That's all for today's post, for daily updates on ootd's, makeup looks, and much more, follow me via instagram, twitter, and other social networks to never miss a beat!
 This is Sakurai Minako and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish^^