Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Yukata Arrived! xD

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and welcome to my first haul post!~
For the first time, I've purchased a GAL yukata from DreamV (Yumetenbo) through Rakuten Global store. For those whom have never ordered through Rakuten and are very weary of doing so, let me put you at ease by sharing my Experience <3

It all started with a dream....

Ever since 2012, I've admired GAL fashion, and one of my favorite parts was the Yukata wear. I've always loved glitzy, kawaii outfits, so the DreamV Yukatas were my ultimate faves! Since there is a very special event coming up for me, I wanted to get something a little different by purchasing my first Yukata.
Below is the stock photos of the item on Rakuten, as well as the links for the set^^

Of princess Omoto life ♪ rose and the race attract attention; three points of dress yukata set lP
I purchased the Yukata in Black since the white was sold out

Pattern detail

Yukata is a 2 type. When top is removed, yukata turns into pretty long sundress!^^

Color variations
The set includes everything shown here: Yukata top, dress, obi belt, scrunchie, and decorative bow :)

I really loved this Yukata pattern, and what gave it style points was the fact that the outfit could be worn as both a Yukata, and a sundress.  I've never purchased/ ordered a Japanese brand before, so I was a little nervous since I wasn't sure if it was going to fit my average frame (size five-eight American size), but upon receiving the package and trying it on, it fit just fine^^

I ordered my package two Mondays ago, and I recieved my parcel this week on Monday, so I was very happy!^^
Below shows how my package arrived

My package shipped using EMS Japan

My Yukata Set in box

Yukata up close

Add for new Plus Sized GAL brand! Kawaii^^

When recieving my package that day, I was shocked how fast it came since on the account I ordered it just that last week, but I'm glad it came just in time!^^
When opening the package, I was glad to see that everything looked exactly the same as to what I've seen in the photo, there was no loose strings, and the yukata overall was made very well and will hold up many years.

DreamV's customer service  I give a five star rating since they were very nice, and responded very quick when I had any questions, and acted quickly when my parents requested a confirmation letter in English (since they couldn't read Japanese).

As for ordering on Rakuten Global, it was very easy for my mum and dad to order for me since it was in English, so the site didn't switch to the original Japanese language!^^

Purchase my Yukata here!
Minnie's Yukata

I won't be modelling the outfit for you guys just yet, but will reveal it on Monday, so look forward to it!~
All this weekend, I'll be perparing for Monday (getting my nails done, seeing what I want my hair to look like, etc.) so here are some ideas on what I want to do with my hair and nails^^

My favorite hair styles

To show all of my Yukata including the collar, I want my hair to be up and out of the way. These are my favorite hairstyles mostly because they could be easily done with my actual hair (since my hair is mid length), and not too complicated.

Since Deco nails are quite hard to find at American Nail Shops, Probably a more simplistic floral design will do.

These would go super well with my Yukata

If I cannot do floral, then a pink gradient would be nice :)

That's all for now, but I hope that I put you more at ease when ordering off of Rakuten Global and DreamV

What I find nice about DreamV is that they have a more wider selection in clothing sizes, than just having the mostly popular free- sized. It's really nice too that they came out with a new Plus sized GAL clothing line, so that plus size GALs can look kawaii as well^^
I've found that even though their yukatas are usually free sized, they are adjustable, and  in my opinion even some GALs whom are American size 10 or eleven can fit it, so no worries!

Overall my shopping experience with Dreamv was wonderful, and I'll definitely be ordering again from them, as well as use Rakuten Global more often!~

Have you ever ordered from DreamV before?  Are there any other concerns that you would like to know before ordering? Share your experience below, I'd love to hear about it^^

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, stay beautiful and Stylish!^^

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