Tuesday, May 13, 2014 50% Spring Sale!~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie bringing you the latest updates on Japanese JS Fashion. With golden week over with and school back in session, popular Japanese online JS fashion shop GirlMar is having a huge blowout sale on popular brand names Diable and Ziddy for up to 50% off!
For those of you who are still chibi GALS (gyaru 10-13) this post is just for you, so time to keep your eyes wide open, and see what's on sale for 2014 Spring Collection!~

Love this coord, very cute! Be a Ziddy girl for a day, since Ziddy Style is Fit For A DIVA! This fake Jersey dress is offered in both black and blue, and are available in sizes 130-160 for tweens and below.  Get this cute dress before it's gone for 2,700 yen ($26.39 USD)!
Originally priced 5,400 yen ($52.78 USD)

Cute coord, but for now we'll just focus on the skirt alone. This newsprint like skirt is very on trend of this summer, and can be matched with your favorite blazer (shown above), and can be worn on a day out with friends, or a night out! Available in sizes 130-160 cm, this skirt now going for 2,350 yen ($22.95 USD)!

Now we can take a look at the whole coord, since for this outfit is a set!~  Available in white or black and in sizes 130-160 cm, this outfit is perfect to spend a day in the fashion forward district of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan! Originally sold for 5,900 yen ($57.65 USD), this is now going for $28.83 USD, what a bargin!

These are just some of my favorite sale pieces, but there is plently more on Go check it out for yourself and tell me which outfit you see yourself wearing.

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always stay beautiful and stylish!^^