Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gyaru Summer 2014

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Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and Happy Almost Summer!~

This week is very exciting since I'm now an official Senior, and there are many things planned for this Summer, this post will cover some  posts/videos to look forward to!

Let's Start!~

Project Liz Lisa Series!
Planning to do a gyaru/ kawaii themed bedroom, but just don't know exactly where to start?
Project Liz Lisa is a new post section in which I'll be giving frequent updates about my room Renovation!
The theme for my new room is Liz Lisa Inspired, so they'll be much work to be done. This will be the most frequent vlog/blog mini series, so look forward to it!^^
see my room plan here: Gyaru Room Guide


Since I'm already active on the Inzzang Channel, there are so many things that I'd like to post that is not Ulzzang/ Korean related, so this is a perfect reason to finally launch my You Tube Channel! On my official Youtube I'll be posting vlogs on a weekly basis about my entertainment life, review various products, dance covers, and so much more! So subscribe now before you miss all the fun!
 Minako Sakurai's Official Youtube

Minnie's Beauty Diary!

For those of who don't have an instagram account, but want to see my daily makeup looks and ootds, you can now follow me on my Beauty Diary via Tumblr!
Minnie's Beauty Diary

That's just some Summer plans, for what's more to come, subscribe to my blog to never miss a beat!

Unfortunately, it is quite late here in the U.S, so I'll be signing off here^^

Goodnight, sweet dreams, and as always,
Stay beautiful and Stylish