Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Today's Audition Makeup look, ootd, and results^^

Hello Everyone!~

This is Sakurai Minako, sharing with you my audition preparation, leading all the way up to today's audition! Please sit back and grab your favorite Pocky as I share with you my experience^^


Before attending an audition, it's always good to be prepared! Since this audition was an open call (audition open to the public), I wasn't sure what to expect, so I prepared a monologue in which I wrote in English, as well as Japanese. (Want me to record me doing dramatic Japanese monologue? If i get enough comments below, I will!)
Like in the previous article on being an Ulzzang in the Entertainment Industry, I was required to bring my composite card (comp card/ head shot), as well as resume (but unfortunately my printer was acting wacky and I couldn't print it).

Also, it's good to be well groomed, so I go to the medspa every other week for level two peels, illumination facials, as well as teen facials to keep my skin in check, and my acne not too noticeable. I also wash my hair every week to keep it nice and fresh (since you never know when oppurtunity knocks!)
Last Sunday, I took a trip to my local Regis for a nice pamper treatment. Pictures are below!~

Enjoying a nice Hot Oil treatment under the dryer^^

Ta da!~~~


Shopping Trip!~

Yesterday was Mommie and Daughter Day! (^o^)/ 
My Mum and I after school spent the rest of the day at Deerbrook Mall on a quest for that perfect audition outfit. Since I couldn't really find my "ideal outfit," I decided to "reinvent my cute floral pop out dress that I believe is perfect for Spring, as well as the Summer months to come!^^

You all remember this dress I brought from Image in an earlier post, right?

Refresh of memory, ya? Okie Dokie!^^

I decided to add a halter midriff under the dress, added an additional brown stretchy belt and eliminated the denim to make it look a tad more dressier and audition ready. Here's the result!


Whenever interviewing, I always try to express my individuality and still stay true to myself. Since I usually dress Ulzzang style when not dressing gyaru, today's outfit was inspired by Kpop girl group fashion looks! 

I usually grab my inspiration for coords mostly through asain magazines, and even music sometimes. To me, dressing typical and traditional I find boring, so I always like to come up with my own trends and dress for whatever mood I'm in for that particular day. 

Showing individuality is important whenever your interviewing. My main goal is,  even if I do not get selected for whatever the role I am going for,  is to get casting directors to remember me and my personality, not just by my photo or my performance. If you want me to post an example of my audition via Youtube, comment below!^^


As for makeup, I've invested in some new cosmetics that I have come to love (look forward to the upcoming review). I recently purchased Smashbox powder, as well as obtained a nice freebie of Kat Von D's Lock it foundation in color #66 and so far love it. Kat Von D's Foundation is full coverage, and in my personal opinion is perfect to use for photoshoots, special events, and maybe for some, everyday use!  Going over KVD's Lock it foundation with Smashbox's Powder Foundation, it made my skin look flawless, and given my skin a nice clear and flawless look. 

Minnie x Usa

Overall, my audition was a wonderful experience, and the talent coordinator was so nice and very friendly^^
Now, my family and I have a week to think it over, but I believe I might get signed! (^o^)/

Arigato for everyone who has been my cheerleaders and have been supporting me thus far. I hope that you please continue to support me as I reach my dream of becoming a well established American Ulzzang Actress/ Model.

This is the end of this article, and as always,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!^^

<3 Minako