Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ultimate Sailor Soldier Guide: Sailor Moon 2014

"Sailor Moon Crystal" Scheduled to air July 5th on Nico Nico in Japan

Hello everyone, this is Minnie giving you the most up to date information on Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary!~

Not released in 2013 as planned, the anime has been rescheduled to release in July this year in Japan. While most information was kept hush hush on the new title, as well as the new synopsis, the only thing fans hoped for was for the remake to not lose it's edge.
In these past few month, there has been more releases of Sailor Moon merchandise in the Japanese market, so today I'm going to share some updated information on what's in stores now, what to look forward to, and much, much more!
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Minnie's Ultimate Sailor Soldier Issue!^^

With their successful staged musical back in fall 2013, it looks like they are planning to release yet another musical to the Sailor Moon Musical, "Sera Myu" franchise.  Announced on the new Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Website, the Sailor moon musical working title, "Petite Etrangere," will be released this summer (Japan only) in Tokyo and Osaka. Little info is given about the synopsis, but if I read correctly (since it's in Japanese), this musical will feature the Black Moon as possible antagonists, and of course our favorite sailor suited super heroines.  Unfortunately, I don't believe they'll do an English version of the new Sailor Moon musicals for an English speaking tour, but maybe if we all fight hard enough, we might just make it happen! To watch the previous Sailor Moon Musical: la Reconquista, you can watch it with English Subs, along with many others on Youtube. Here is a comparison of Sailor Moon Musical Costumes from the 90's to now.

Sailor Moon la Reconquista 2013

Sailor Moon Special Musical 1998


Lately Sailor Moon has been making Collaborations with various Japanese companies, from clothing, right down to lingerie, you can find Sailor Moon almost anywhere!

Sailor Moon X SPINNS

Released May 3rd, the Sailor Moon X SPINNS Clothing Collab is in 26 stores now across Japan.

I really like the coord in the center (look closely, and you'll see Sailor Moon manga print)! What's your fave Sailor Moon Coord? Let me know your fave by leaving it in the comment box below, I love hearing from you!^^

Love how they paired the Luna and Artimis tees with skirts, very good idea, and shows that it could be worn in your daily day to day life^^

 Sailor Moon Narikiri T-Shirts

Originally appearing as Sailor Moon Musical Merchandise, these sailor uniform tops are inspired by the Sailor Scouts outside of the Solar System, with a pastel like feel, these shirts could be paired with jeans or my preference, a skater skirt, for everyday use! For those whom follow a harajuku fashion look, I'd recommend for you this item. This is made in women's japanese sizes and can be booked at Premium Bandai^^

Sailor Moon PROPLICA

It's not a prop, it's not a replica, it's a PROPLICA! Made for the perfect Sailor Moon Cosplayer and Collector, this is a perfect item to add to your Sailor moon Collection. Bring back memories of the most loved animation by listening to Sailor Moon's voice, voiced by the original Japanese actors, as well as see the flashing lights flash colors of your favorite Sailor Guardians! This can be found on Bandai Japan, as well as on Ebay.

Sailor Moon X ViVi Magazine

Rola Chen Model for Photo Shoot

Japanese fashion magazine ViVi has recently collaborated with Sailor Moon for their May issue. This features a Sailor moon photo shoot with model, ROLA.

Miracle Romance Collection

Believe it or not, now you can transform into your favorite Sailor Soldier by using the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Collection. Not made for small kids, this is real makeup that can be used in your day to day life!

Make up! With Sailor Moon's Compact Powder!

Sailor Moon Nail Polish and Powder Compact

Sailor moon eyeliner

Stationary Collection

Go to school/ work in style by investing in some kawaii sailor moon stationary items! Take notes in biology with Sailor Mercury's transformation pen, or store your passing/ failing grades in your beautifully illustrated Sailor Moon folders. Using Sailor Moon's stationary will make studying much more fun!^^

Sailor Moon X Peach John

Japan's version of the America's Victoria's Secret, Peach John released Sailor Moon prints/ designs for lounge wear and undies! As embaressing as this is, here is the Sailor Moon X Peach John Collab in which could be found on jbox, as well as ebay! >///<

Sailor Moon Lounge wear

Sailor Moon x Honey Salon

Another fashion collab, Sailor Moon has partnered recently with Honey Salon, releasing some of the cutest clothes and acessories! 

My favorite Sailor moon dress^^

Sailor Moon acessories

Sailor Moon folding mirror!^^

That's all for this Sailor Moon post.

Okie Dokie, I'll tell you more about the animation in the next post! :3

Question: What's your favorite Sailor Moon Collab/ Item? 
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In closing, I hope this made you even more anxious for the anime this July (if all works as planned).

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, Stay Beautiful, and Stylish!~