Monday, May 26, 2014

X Men: Days of Future's Past Movie Review

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Hello everyone, happy Sunday!
This is Minnie giving you the latest on the recent installment of the X Men film franchise entitled, "X-Men: First Class".

The story takes place in the dark and distant future, where the world is at war with superior machines that were created to exterminate mutants. There are only very few of the mutant race on Earth, and to save this race before all is lost as well as the future, one  goes back to the the year of 1973 to prevent a certain event from happening, in which kick started this dark and desolate future.

In this film new mutants were introduced, some among the many was Boo Boo Stewart (seth clearwater, twilight) as Warpath, and Chinese actress BingBing Fan as Blink.

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Boo Boo Stewart as Warpath (as small as the role was, he did do a wonderful job protraying Warpath and martial arts stunts were superb)

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BingBing Fan as Blink (BingBing is my favorite actress, and I was happy to see her play this role!^^)

Overall, I believe the movie was cast well, all actors were believable, and did a wonderful job playing the roles of Marvel Superheroes.

X-Men: Days of Future's Past is  perfect  for a family outing, date night, or for the Marvel comic fan who could never miss a film! The movie storyline was not perdictable, and had many twists, and turns that peaked my interest, therefore I give this film a five star!

Unfortunately, now it is very late, so I'll be ending this post now. This is Sakurai Minako, giving X-Men a seal of approval, and as always,

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