Wednesday, June 4, 2014

All Girls are Kawaii: the Japanese Plus Sized Revolution

Hello lovelies!^^

one of the most common complaints in the western world from GALS is that Japanese brands mostly produce clothes in only "free size", or "one size fit all." Since the average westerner is above size zero, this "free size," most of the time, does not fit all.
After the many constant trends and changes in the Japanese fashion world, Japan's fashion industry is beginning to take interest in the girls whom fit outside the "free sized" criteria, kick starting the Jfashion Marshmallow Girl Revolution!^^

The West

Imagine walking into your favorite store, picking out your fave coordinates, then heading into the fitting room to try on. When trying on the articles of clothing, most do not fit like displayed on the model. Some may be too tight, too loose, or may just not zip up all the way. Dissatisfied and let down, you leave the clothes in the fitting room, then take your leave.

While all of us may experience this woe from time to time, for plus sized women, this is a constant struggle, and at times can get depressing.

 When shopping with my Mum in shops, it upsets me that most stores don't even take their plus sized sections into consideration, and mostly have baggy shirts with ugly prints, or all dark colors to offer them; not even giving plus sized women a nice clothing display like how the petite, juniors, and women's are intricately designed.

My poor mum... why do they keep the plus sized section so untidy? It makes us literally want to get up and leave the store!

Both pics are from my local target store in Humble, Texas. Their new "Plus sized" section, which they failed to mention which is directly next to clearance,  only consists of five racks and has no variety what so ever. 

Who would call this flattering?! 

Who wants this same vest in 89 different colors?

This is the typical target set up.... did you even notice the plus size in the far back?

Unfortunately, this is the way of the west, but I'm happy to see some progress happening now in the far East^^


This model is 165 cm tall and weighs 72 kg

  Just last year, the first magazine for plus sized women la Farfa was released in Japan, so now all girls can be kawaii without any limits!

May 2014 issue

Like every other fashion magazine, la Farfa covers everything from street snaps, make up, coordinate advice, as well as where to shop. I've found this magazine to be very informative, especially with the model's bust, waist, and height measurements listed for women to go by so that they can know which style would suit them  best. This revolutionary magazine has also coined some new words in the japanese language, one of these, the new name for curvy/ plus sized girls, Marshmallow Girl! This new name the models of la Farfa embrace with pride, especially the original Marshmallow Girl herself, Seina Goto!

Seina is one of the popular regular models to be featured in la Farfa, and when being interviewed by NHK's Kawaii International: Kawaii for Everyone SP, she spoke freely her thoughts on the common fashion myths and prints that are usually considered forbidden and "unflattering" to plus sized women. In all her conclusion was that no regardless if you're already big, you'll look big, so she makes the best out of her clothes.

Goto Seina

Popular comedian Naomi Watanabe has been featured on each cover lately, and has also even launched her own plus sized  street fashion brand, PUNYUS.

Punyus, a Shibuya 109 shop caters to ALL street fashion lovers and offers all designs in both plus and regular sizing. 
Watanabe Naomi

Unlike how it was ppreviously, the Japanese are now beginning to accept more larger body types, and have already released two fashion brands made for Marshmallow Girls. One of my favorite brands that really stood out was Plumprimo.

Plumprimo is a sister brand to the GAL brand Yumetenbo (dreamv), and offers the same kawaii designs that are sold to the regular market. 

Finally girls no longer have to modify the look they want to go for! Now plus sized girls are now able to enjoy shopping and sporting their favorite looks!

No more hassle!^^

Check out some of Plumprimo's designs that I believe are perf for your next gyaru meet!

from sweet gyaru, to a more wild onee look, Plumprimo is for a gal of any type.
a very cute dress for the summer and spring months, this dress is exactly the same as it's counterpart in the regular clothing selections. 

Cute right? Unfortunately westerners are not as fortunate...but maybe we can change that, yes?

After surveying various plus sized women from various backgrounds, here are some of your complaints to mainstream shops that offer plus clothing, as well as changes that you'd like to see be made.

ミ★ A neat, and nice display for Plus sections
ミ★More bright colors, and more youthful clothing prints/designs
ミ★ A wider clothing selection
ミ★the same designs offered in misses/petites

Sounds familiar? Do you have the same problems? If so I compel you to allow your voice to be heard by commenting on this post about your concerns/complaints,  as well as share this post with others who have this same issue.


Let's start this Marshmallow Girl Revo and make change now in the west.

You never know...your wish may finally come true.

This is Sakurai Minako, saying that All Girls are Kawaii, and as always

Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3