Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anime Review: Honey x Honey Drops

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and HAPPY OTAKU TUESDAY!~

Now that the second week of Summer has begun, I've been taking some r and r by having an fully blown out anime marathon today. One of my favorite past times to do when I'm bored is searching for new anime shows/ manga that I've haven't yet watched, and what caught my attention today on You Tube was the animation, Honey x Honey Drops!^^

Honey x Honey Drops, also known as Mitsu x Mitsu Drops is a two episode OVA (Original Video Animation) adaption of the original manga written by mangaka Kanan Manami.
Hagino Yuzuru, the story's main protagonist is the typical teenage girl whom attends Houjou High School as an average student. After getting in trouble with one of Houjou's elite students over summer break, Hagino is now is tied to Renge Kai, a Kugure for the rest of her school years as a HONEY.

Kai and Yuzuru


Although short, the story was very different from what I've seen so far, and was in my opinion very entertaining, and has moved me to want to begin reading the manga! The two episode anime was well thought out, and I could already see how much time the production team put into the two ovas.

I'd recommend this anime to anyone whom is a fan of shoujo, romance, and drama genre. A perfect short anime for girls night!

In closing, this be  is Sakurai Minako giving this animation a five star, and I'll definitely be reading this series over the summer!

Goodbye for now, and as always,
Stay Beautiful and Stylish!~