Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today's OOTD: South East meets West^^

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Today's Make up inspiration

Hello everyone!~^^

This is Minnie, and here is today's code^^

Unlike most of my coordinates, this outfit was completely inspired by indian fashion.
What I've always loved about traditional indian dress is the bright colors, and the lively prints. In today's code my goal was to mix both South East fashion with a Western Indi flair, so let's get started shall we?

Before putting together any look, there's always inspiration to look at. Today's inspiration mainly came from various bollywood movies, punjabi music videos, and for make up, classic indian bridal looks.

Today's Makeup!

Instead of sticking with the expected ruby reds and gold tones, I instead chose blue and silver for a more light and summer feel. Since this is not an ulzzang look, using my liquid liner I drew a thick and dramatic cat eye starting from the outer corner of my eye gradually working my way inwards to the tear duct. To make a perfect line, I first used a pencil liner to draw the outline of the cat eye, then switched to the liquid lastly to fill blank areas.

Since the eyes are my focus for today's look, I wanted to balance my makeup out by going with a dusty rose blush and finishing the look off with a light lip color. This makeup look only took me a few minutes to complete, therefore making it perfect for those whom are on the run, but still want to look stylish.

Notice that the makeup brings out the blue in my coord? That's exactly what I was going for! To keep things fresh and creative, one thing to avoid doing is picking the most obvious complimentary color pairing. When most think of indian makeup looks, gold and red are most likely to come to mind. Since both the top as well as pants has various colors throughout, I took advantage of this by picking the least expected pairing. 

Optional Pairing Ideas/ Completed look

What finishes off any look is accessories. See below for how I pulled off this look!^^

To go for a more native American Indian look, I added a nice statement necklace, and three hair feather clips that coordinated well with the clothing patterns. 

Here is my completed look, so I hope you all like it! :)

For a more detailed description of my coordinate for today, I will be uploading a look book on my You Tube Channel for all of you to see, so look forward to it. 

This is Minako Sakurai bringing this post to a close, and as always,
Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3