Monday, July 21, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2015: Preparing for Next Con!^^

Hello everyone!~

For those whom read my previous blog posts earlier this year, you know I've gotten to finally experience my very first Anime Convention. Having Anime Matsuri as the first con I've ever attended was one of the best decisions I've ever made-- I met both KERA model and V Kei singer AKIRA and BTSSB model Misako Aoki!
In this post I'm going to share my first con experience, what/who I look forward to seeing next year, as well as well as cosplay/fashion ideas for each of the three days!^ ^

Out of all the experiences I've had, one of the most memorable moments of that particular convention was the J fashion show. While most view this lolita fashion show simply for entertainment, to me it meant much more-- my parents understanding the fashion style as well as how much love I had for it. Rather though it was hard for myself to explain that lolita fashion is a very innocent and modest style, seeing the show took my Mum's breath away, and therefore the very next day allowed me to purchase my very first lolita clothing piece from PUTUMAYO. 

Things I look Forward to!

Now that I'm allowed wear lolita, this year I'll be applying to model for the j fashion show in which  story will be entitled: Monster! As an actress/ model, if chosen to be apart of that special production, it would mean the whole world since my dream is to one day model for a lolita/ jfashion brand <3

Seeing Disacode Live

Even though I don't cover this much, I'm a very big fan of Visual Kei and J-Rock music, therefore seeing my favorite music group DISACODE live are one of the top things to do on my list. When attending the BTSSB panel last con, Akira said that she'd love to perform at Anime Matsuri. Fortunately John Leigh, AM chairman has made this a reality, so Akira will be appearing again in the jfashion show as well as on stage with her band!


Unaware of how much of an investment brand lolita actually was, I came to AM with only $170 in my bag thinking I was going to walk away with at least a full lolita dress/ jsk--wrong!
To take full advantage and to better my shopping experience I've already began to start putting away money for shopping, as well as super pass tickets, etc. so nothing will hold me back from all the fun!^^

Cosplaying/ Outfits

For each of the three days I decide to to dress a different fashion style for each--one lolita outfit, one gyaru outfit, cosplay (homemade).  Since it will be my first time cosplaying, I wanted to cosplay 2  characters that are not much known in the U.S and saw no one dress up as last con. Below are two that I may consider dressing as for one of the days <3

Only featured in the live action drama Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, this is Usagi's Cat Luna's human form (sailor form). Ever since watching the drama when I was younger, I've always wanted to one day cosplay Luna.  Instead of just sticking with the whole original look, I plan on breaking the boarders a bit by incorporating a little edge or twist to make the look stand out even more, as well as add a little Gyaru vibe.

This next character is more of jpop mix as well as anime! One of my fave animations that I wish would be in english also is Kirarin Revolution <3

Well that's what I'm looking forward to so far, and current plans. As more things are released on AM's official site, I'll be sure to let you know^ ^

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always,

Stay beautiful and stylish <3