Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School^ ^

Hello everyone,

this is Minnie, official high school Senior @ TXVA Online School as of this year!^ ^
 Though I'm mostly at home during the week with eyes glued to the computer for six hours a day, doesn't mean that I don't participate in back to school shopping to stay on top of styles.

During the fall months, I mostly tend to dress ulzzang/ korean fashion style and love light pastels, or mute colors like moss greens. Since ordering online can be quite pricey for a seventeen year old girl, I always look for inspiration on looks I would like to go for, then shop local for similar pieces to create those looks.

Seventeen Magazine just recently launched their trendy fashion line in Sears stores nationwide, so in today's post, I'm going to show you how I paired some of their pieces, other name brands, and how you can still get that ulzzang/ korean fashion vibe without having to pay the outragous prices.

Before my review, here's some quick info to keep in mind

Due to my height, there are some things that may be a tad shorter on me than what it would be for others, so for those whom still have to abide by dress codes, I'd suggest to go a size up on skirts/ skorts for length and more bum coverage. 
  1. ♔ Minnie's Height: 170 1/2 cm (5'7 1/2)
  2. ♔ Body type: hour glass, average
  3. ♔ Weight: 130 lbs
  4. ♔ Bust: 34 C
  5. Size: Medium/ Large 



This trendy set by Seventeen was made for the sporty gals in mind. Perfect for dress down days, but still makes a statement. When trying on the skirt, it was a tad shorter than expected, so for those whom have dress codes to abide by, go a size up for length <3



This vocaloid/ modern school girl inspired pairing is perfect for your high school debut or first Anime Club meeting! I love this pairing because I can still off my love for japanese culture in a more mature and less obvious/ direct way.



From the Seventeen collection, this preppy/ sporty combo is another favorite coordinate. Accessorized correctly, this look could also be kpop inspired <3

This final coordinate is a combination of brands^ . ^ 
top is from Seventeen and jumper denim skirt I do not remember image

This is only the first part of my Back to School mini post series, for even more, keep checking back for new posts, as well as follow me on epic random daily adventures through life on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr 

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish
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