Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GAL Babies: Bana-Chi

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For those who already read my past posts on JS fashion, you probably know how much love I have for the JS Fashion brand Banana Chips (Bana-Chi).

Although JP kids are now busy with school, this doesn't stop them from struting and showing off their unique, fun, flity, and kawaii fashion style that is only available to those in Japan!^^
So let's see why I dubbed this iconic Bana-Chi brand GAL BABY APPROVED

The mature looks <3

What makes JS fashion so different compared to children's brands in the west are the mature styles and looks that are made to imitate those that are sold to a more older audience (juniors/ young adults).  Bana-chi takes a very mature approach to their looks and main theme and focus of their collection is "Everyday Luxury".

Summer 2014 Collection

From Galmar, this cheetah print romper is perfect for the warm and sunny months and was made for the edgy in mind! With a nice pair of black lace up above the knee boots this outfit is perfect for parties, a night on the town, or a photo shoot. Also very gyaru friendly for those whom are just not quite old enough to shop the major GAL brands such as MAR*S, Golds Infinity, among many others.

This pull over screams something that I would see in a Gold's Infinity or onee brand name!^^
I love the pink and black incorporated throughout this coord as well as the flow-y fabric used, giving the look a very feminine, onee feel for young ones.  This Bana-Chi Cape Style Pull over is available in sizes 140cm and 150cm only, and is on sale now!^^
For further details on pricing, visit the respected links below to all outfits featured in this post (japanese only).

Bana-Chi pull over dress

Made with the B girl in mind, this outfit puts the "S" in Sweet and Stylish!
I love the idea of this look since it could be dressed up as well as down, and is perfect for the girl who is always on the go. Currently on sale, this set is only available in sizes 140-150cm only.

Bana-Chi Arm Cover All in One Jumper

These are just some of my Summer faves from Bana-chi, but on Gal Mar as well as Banana Chips Official site, there's a much wider selection!
For more Banana Chips to help you achieve everyday luxury, visit !

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