Friday, August 22, 2014

Anime Review: Paradise Kiss




Hello lovlies!^ ^
Hope everyone's Summer is going well! Although my Summer has been rather busy, during my brief times of rest and relaxation I've been discovering some new anime shows, manga, as well as drama. In this post, I'll share one of my Fave animations, Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Based on the original manga by Ai Yazawa, Paradise Kiss  centers around the natural beauty Yukari (also referred as Caroline by Parakiss members) who lived most of her life trying to succeed in her academics and to please her mother, but after meeting the successful and talented George (Joji Koizumi), Yukari spreads her wings and follows her dreams and goals. 

Unlike most shoujo manga, I love how Yazawa incorporated realistic elements in her art as well as  made the main featured character's romantic relationships very realistic and not sugar-coated. Nothing I'd expect reading in Nakayoshi's pages because of the more mature artwork and story line in which captivated me from the very beginning! 


After finishing the animation series, I'm now looking forward to watching the live action movie as well as reading the manga itself. Like most of Ai Yazawa's work, this a coming of age story with multiple themes one could take away. I definitely would recommend this anime/manga to fashion forward girls, as well as some guys, that is, if they're into mixtures of romantic comedy and drama! 

Overall,   I give Parakiss a five star and is now Sakurai Minnie Approved!


It's now getting late, so it's time to hit the sack! As short as this post is, goodnight for now, and see you in the next post!^ ^