Friday, August 22, 2014

Living Doll Back to School Makeup Look




Hello everyone!^ ^
Apologies for not posting in awhile, but I promise I have a good excuse for you all to not kill me >///<
With senior year almost around the corner, I've been spending these past few weeks getting back into the groove, as well as attending DRIVER'S ED!  Now that I have my permit, I have more time to relax and blog as much as possible <3 

For those who've read previous posts, you probably already know how much of a fan I am of the Shibuya 109 brand Liz Lisa. With school starting Monday for those in the south and the Houston area, I'm going to show you my  feminine, doll like makeup look that you can flaunt on your school days and to help you become your school's living doll <3

Natural Dolly Makeup

Other than clothes and accessories, makeup is a huge factor when creating the living doll look. Lenses or no lenses? Falsies or none? Since I'm going for a more down to earth natural mori look, I will not be using false lashes or geo lenses for this tutorial.

Step 1: To get a flawless appearance, I love using Maybelline's 8 in 1 BB Cream since it blurs my minor imperfections, brightens my skin for a bright and awake look, has SPF 30 to protect my face, as well as 0% oils and other heavy ingredients. To see how I apply my foundation, please refer to my Natural Ulzzang/ Living Doll makeup tutorial on YouTube.

Step 2: Since my skin usually gets very oily as the day goes on, I always apply my elf matifying powder to bring down the shine. If your skin is dry, you can go on to step three.

Step 3: Now time for the fun-the eye make! Although simple, I'm going to be using a natural palette of browns, beiges, and moss green. Before applying the eye shadows to my eyes, I first use elf's eye primer to help the shadow colors to show up better on my eyelids, as well as last longer.

Step 4: Starting from the corner of my eye, I'm going to apply a matte beige to the inner corner of my eye, then gradually fading out using a shimmer brown. Remember: the key to blending is overlapping!

Step 5: I'm going to finish off the eyes with liner! Using my favorite black liquid liner from Europe's Favorite Beauty Brand, Essence, I'm going to apply my liner starting from the outside in. To create the Aegyo sal affect, I'm going to draw the bottom liner slightly up, but not too far, forming a mini cat eye.

Step six: To make the aegyo sal very natural, I'm to take a dark brown matte shadow and lightly blend on my lower lid along the same area where I applied the black liner. Taking a white shimmer liner, draw along your tear duct to the middle of your eye, then stop. (this will give you the tear bag effect, and personally I don't like using brown liner below my eyes to create this effect since it appears a little fake to me.)

Step 7: On to the final part, the lips! Gradient lips are in for ulzzang girls, and looks great in photos! For today's natural look, I'm going to apply a orange stain to the middle of my lower and upper lip (it's okay if it's not perfect, since we'll be adding another color to the rest of your lips.) Taking a light pink gloss, I'm going to apply this to the rest of my lips, finishing the look!

DONE!^ ^




Loved this look? Look forward to seeing my video makeup tutorial on my new Youtube Channel: The Minnie Diaries

   This is all for now, and hope you all have a great first day of school^ ^

This is Minako Sakurai, and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish!~