Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CYB48, START:DASH, & Kotori Minami

Hello everyone!^ ^

Now that school's back in full swing and Driver's Ed is pretty much over, now it's time to focus on the more important things--CYB48.
For those whom follow my instagram as well as G+, I announced on both platforms about my acceptance into the online idol CYB 48.  Out of all honesty, things are still under development, but I am happy to announce one of the songs we're practicing!

us_start-dash.jpg (480×480)

Although I've yet to watch Love Live: School Idol Project, Start:Dash happens to be one of my favorite songs from the anime, and I'm very excited to hopefully begin working on it soon^ ^

I was assigned Kotori Minami's parts in the song, so here's a little about Kotori-chan!

About Kotori-Chan!

If Kotori was real, she and I'd be great friends since there's so many similarities personality/ hobbie wise--perfect pairing manager! Although a slight age difference, after looking up Kotori, I really loved her sense of fashion as well as adorable outfits. We're also both soft spoken, love fashion, and of course who doesn't love Cheesecake?! <3

Kotori's Awesome Fashion Sense

Call me crazy, but I'm now considering maybe cosplaying as Kotori-chan, hehe^ ^

Well enough of Kotori-chan, I bet you all want to know more info as far as CYB! While we are fairly new and are still working on some things, there is only so much I can release to you guys--which unfortunately isn't much.

So far, we plan to work on the following songs

Sakura Hanabiratachi



As far as a debut date, I cannot say as of yet because honestly neither I, or any of the other CYB members know exactly when, but I can say that we're all trying our best and hope that all of you support us in the future^ ^

This is Sakurai Minako, bringing this post to a close, and as always,

stay beautiful and stylish <3

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