Monday, September 1, 2014

K12 Online School

Hello everyone, Minnie here!

Have I ever told you that I attend school online?
Well, I know I've only barely mentioned my school life to you guys, so this post will be dedicated to my online school life, my opinion of k12 Online Schools, and rather if it's the right choice for you, or your child!^ ^


My parents enrolled me into k12 TXVA (Texas Virtual Academy) when realizing how much time I'd miss in school when attending auditions/ casting calls. While the enrollment process was rather difficult, I was eventually enrolled as one of TXVA's students.

There are MANY things that some k12 parents, and even students complain about, and the number 1 complaint is K12's Enrollment process.  My parents began trying  to enroll me for my Junior Year during June of Last year.  Since k12 does not identify themselves as a homeschool (although they are), their enrollment process requires you to have all the same documents (shot records, recent report card, etc.) that you would provide for a normal brick and mortar school enrollment. There are 2 options to get these documents over to the school's office: Send them via snail mail, or faxing to your school's main office. 

This is where the trouble begins. Although we've sent using both options, we always would get excuses on how they've never recieved my documents (snail mail), or that one of my documents had a black line through it (when faxing). When trying to communicate with the Dallas office, we were always either on hold for long periods of time (sometimes all day) and sometimes never got questions answered by anyone (since everyone always passed the buck to someone else).

Unfortunately, this went on for the whole Summer, right up into the next school year!
Finally having enough of this mess, my mother contacted the head of enrollment (whom treated my Mum very rudely for no apparent reason), so until the mean time (also due to law) I was enrolled into Klein High School until things were staraightened out.

I attended brick and mortar two weeks before getting accepted into TXVA.

My First Year

When starting K12 I was in my Junior year of high school, and like anyone who starts online school for the first time--I was unaware of the process, and how the system/program  worked, but eventually got used to it after doing it for a few months.
There are many things I've learned that are very important to help one be successful with the K12 Online Learning System, and the following things below are some of my suggestions I would give to a newcomer starting for the first time.

1.) Be Close With Your Advisors/ Teachers/Councilors

Okay, I can't stress this more. Unlike brick and mortar, most likely (unless you attend school events) will never see your teachers, councilors, or advisor (homeroom teacher) in person! Therefore it's important to be close with them and communicate with them constantly, especially if you need help and are struggling in a certain area or subject.
There are times that I've turned in some assignments last year that sat in the drop box for weeks, and sometimes a month yet to be graded by a teacher, so that's why I always make sure to kmail (email) that teacher as well as cc my advisor notifying them that I turned in an assignment, and if I don't recieve a response with in 48 hrs, this is when I call them. Communication is definitely the key to this program, so if you need any help with anything/ don't want to fail for no apparent reason, kmail/ call your teacher/ advisor.

2.) Don't Fall Behind

While there are a few kick backs with online schooling, there are still due dates, assignments, and even projects to be done and also by law, a student is to stay in school for six hours a day (not including homework). Therefore, it's important to not slack off, skip assignments, and attend all class connects. Unlike brick and mortar, at k12 you only get two report cards a year--one per semester, so if one falls behind, it may mess up that semester or even defeat one from passing that class or grade level.

3.) Act Like You're Going to School!

Although you may be at home for most of the day, it's still better to go to bed at a reasonable hour, get up early, take a shower, as well as get dressed like you were to go to a regular school. This way, you won't become sleep deprived, or lazy--you'd have a regular schedule and this will help you become a more successful homeschooler.

If you follow these steps, you'll eventually become a pro at k12^ ^

Is K12 Right for Me?

Despite the trouble I've experienced in the past, this year I've encountered less problems with TXVA and would recommend this to anyone whom is very mature, independent, and self motivated. Those who would need little to no instruction from their parents to complete their work/ attend classes. 
Attending high school in a online school setting requires alot of responsibility from the student since they are held responsible by k12 to keep on top of assignments/ keeping close communication with their learning coaches/ teachers.

I hope this helped for those who are just starting online school, or are deciding weather if they would like to next semester or next year. If you have any comments or questions that I have not answered in this post, feel free to comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I am currently a Senior at k12 Texas Virtual Academy, so I can give you truthful, non sponsored feedback if you'd like <3

This is Sakurai Minako, bringing this post to a close, and as always,
Stay Beautiful and Stylish!