Monday, September 22, 2014

Liz Lisa Project Start!^ ^

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Liz Lisa Project update! For those whom haven't read previous posts, or are new to my blog, the Liz Lisa Project is a room renovation project taking a plain and standard bedroom and turning it into the ultimate gyaru paradise. After tons of planing, organizing, and investing, the Liz Lisa Project will finally launch next weekend on my You Tube Channel as part of my Minnie Diaries Vlog series <3

Popular Shibuya 109 gyaru brand Liz Lisa is my ultimate favorite brand, so instead of going with the typical gyaru theme, I wanted to focus on a favorite fashion brand in which appealed to me the most. 
Liz Lisa incorporates alot of floral prints into their clothing designs as well as light pinks, roses, and lace, so I wanted to incorporate that throughout my decor^ ^

My bedroom is going through a major reno from top to bottom, they'll be plenty updates, but instead of just doing one room tour, why not take you all for the ride from beginning to the end!

So far, here is my current shopping list on Pintrest as well as plans: 

Romantic Chandelier 

Lighting in my room is pretty boring and why not add a nice romantic hime feel by adding a Chandelier? This one I've found @ Aliexpress for a reasonable price that'll work for my budget. 

Back acent wall 3d Wallpaper
wall paint color (other 3 walls)

This Wallpaper I've already purchased from Aliexpress and will be applied to the far back wall in my bedroom (same wall as my bed).  The wall will be a nice touch and the metallic finish is very nice.

My Bed

This bed I've purchased in full,  but not the rest of the bedroom set....

For month's I've been adoring this set online, but have never seen it in person. Finally when visiting my local Ashley's Home Store I gotten the chance to see the whole set up close, and was overall a little let down--the Zarollina set is super small in person, and since I'm 170 cm this was a big problem (you'll see what I mean when I upload the vlog next week).  When sitting at the vanity, I felt like I was sitting at my old plastic Barbie dress up vanity that I had when I was younger (-_-)

It was too Small TT _TT

So I've decided to purchase the bed by itself in Full size and invest in a matching dresser, nightstand, vanity, and intimate chest at other shops. I've found some very nice furniture pieces at Garden Ridge that will match better with the bed that I currently have my eye on (see it in the upcoming Minnie Diaries Vlog next Week ;) and a vanity mirror in silver . 

Vanity Girl Mirror


This silver mirror from Vanity Girl is my ultimate fave and would be perfect for filming vlogs, makeup tutorials, or for just getting ready to go out every day! It's $299 USD and is made in the USA. 

Bedding & decor

Bed Spread

my melody pillow


Cheap doll trolley, Buy Quality toy yacht directly from China toy baby boy doll Suppliers: Description Product Features:  100% Brand new and high quality. Material:100% High quality Cotton  Color:Brow

Will drape on each side of bed


My telly will be mounted on the wall and framed nicely adding a hime/ regal touch <3

That's my current shopping list! If you haven't yet, subscribe to my You Tube Channel Minako Sakurai Official  and other social media platforms to never miss an vlog/ update on the Lx2 Pro!

This is Sakurai Minako, and until next week,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish

Is your room "kawaii" or GAL themed? Share your photos via twitter @sakurai_minako or instagram #gyaruroom ! I'd love to see it