Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anime Matsuri Luv Day, guests, and more

Hello everyone^ ^

Lately I've been quite busy with school as well as other things that are currently going on in my personal life, however last weekend I took a break by spending my afternoon in Houston's Discovery Green park where Anime Matsuri's LUV Day was taking place!

Anime Matsuri Luv Day! AM Head Denise Leigh (pink, center) was sporting a very pretty Sailor Moon set <3

First of all, what exactly is Luv Day? LUV= Let Us Volunteer Day! Anime Matsuri Con is now recruiting volunteers for their 2015 convention to work in various departments. Throughout the day we played various fun games, gotten to know one another/ various departments in which are recruiting, as well as learned more about what/ who will be at this upcoming con!

 John and Denise Leigh (Convention heads) really outdone themselves for 2015's con. Here's some of what I'm looking forward to^ ^

AM's JFashion Show

One of my favorite highlights of last year's con was the Fashion Show. Unlike most fashion shows, it was a story within the production, which made the show very appealing as well as interesting. This year, Anime Matsuri is planning a fashion show that'll be out of this world and will be the most largest fashion showcase (at a con) thus far in the United States to feature various Japanese brands as well as pro models! With Putumayo returning for another year, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, as well as another brand that has yet to be announced will be joining the line up for AM 2015.

Sweet Lolita brand Angelic Pretty will be joining the line-up for AM 2015. Featured Guest Model: Midori

Punk and Goth Loli brand Putumayo will be joining AM's ranks again for yet another year with their designer Hasagawa-san as a Guest.

There will also be more fashion guests that will be attending--some from even outside of the lolita fashion genre! Would you like to meet them?

Dansou and Visual Kei model Akira-san will be returning to Houston again as both a model, as well as singer!
When meeting Akira-san multiple times last year, she was very nice, as well as funny! I can't wait to see her again--especially since AKIRA-san this time will bring along her band DISACODE to perform in Houston for the very first time!
 Are you ready to rock?

Chokelate is the first European model to join AM's ranks! A lolita/ high fashion model from the Netherlands, Chokelate is the owner of Lock Shop Wigs and will be making her US debut at AM.

Experienced pro cosplayer Reika-san will return to Anime Matsuri as an representation of Japanese Cosplay as well as be featured in John Leigh's amazing Jfashion show staged production entitled "Monster"! There are even more surprises up John's sleeve for all of us. Because Reika-san!

This model is very special to me since she's the very first lolita I ever saw when I was younger and is a role model to me.  KERA and Gothic Lolita Bible cover girl Fukasawa Midori-San will be returning this coming April and will be hosting the Lolita Tea Party on that Sunday as well as bring her unique touch of cuteness and evil to the Anime Matsuri runway stage!  Last year I did not get to meet Fukasawa-san, but hope to next year.

Minori-san is very well respected in the Japanese Shironouri subculture, and with her background in illustration, as well as traditional Geisha and Kabuki makeup, she will be bringing a modern yet historical flair to AM next year as a guest model for AM!


Angelic Pretty's Designer Asuka-San

Angelic Pretty's Designer and Illustrator Maki-san

Anime Matsuri will be out of this world, but there is a large need for volunteers for 2015! Volunteering at AM has large benefits and as well is alot of fun. If you're 16 years or older and would like to volunteer, check out AM's official website for complete details on how you can help!

That's all for now! Check back for even more updates and join me in the count down to AM 2015. This Sakurai Minako, and as always,

Stay beautiful and Stylish <3