Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to Natural: Kawaii for Girls of Color

Hello girls^ ^

Welcome to my Back to Basics post, which is all about going Back to Natural and how some girls are sporting their natural kawaii looks! 

Being an African American girl whom has been natural for over a year, one of the things that I love most about our hair is the diversity, and how versatile it can be. Over the past Summer, I spent most of my days rocking my natural hair along with my ulzzang look. Below are some of my favorite natural selcas as well as how I achieved each look. 

Usually it takes hours to wash my hair, so long that sometimes I'm up super early in the mornings trying to finish! When this happens and when running out of energy, I usually do a blowout. Since my hair is keratin treated, once blow drying my hair this makes my hair straighter, but not to the point of being bone straight and still leaves some of my hair texture.  

The second photo is my hair in a wavy or what I like to call, "crinkly" look that is achieved by braiding my hair in smaller braids over night and spritzing a moisturizer spray so my hair will not shrivel up to the point of it being an afro. A good moisturizer I've used for years since I was younger that I'd recommend is S Curl spray (which was once used for the Jheri Curl back in the day, hehe)^ ^

In order to achieve my third and final fuller look, I do the same process as the second by braiding my hair, but in more smaller intricate braids. To avoid your hair getting dry, apply a moisture spray when braiding.

Of course hair may be an important factor to the ulzzang style, but that still doesn't mean that one can't wear their natural hair along with this Korean fashion style.  After working with my hair, as well as speaking to other natural ulzzang (above) in the Black Ulzzang Facebook Community, here is  some style ideas, selcas and more in which you can try for yourself. 

Kawaii Hairstyles

What variety! <3

Ulzzang Look Book

Here's just some ideas to get you started, but as you can see each girl in their selcas were kawaii in there own unique ways! To share your natural ulzzang or kawaii look, #b2bulzzang on instagram and twitter and your selca may be featured in my next natural hair post!

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3