Sunday, November 30, 2014

Minnie's Top 10 Song List

Hello Everyone, this is Minnie!

Music is life in my family and personally I can't live without it! There are various music groups and artists from all around the world I adore listening to, so instead of just focusing on just Jpop and Kpop, in this post I'm going to show you some of my favorite songs from different countries all over the world. Maybe you'll find a new favorite artist yea?  Here's my top fave songs from 10 to 1!

Kanon Wakeshima
10 Killy Killy Joker-Kanon Wakeshima jp

9  Calendula Requiem-Kanon Wakeshima jp

8 Maiyya Yashoda Ye Tera Kahaiya - karishma kapoor India

7 Thank you for your love- Thank you Thailand

6 Stand Back-Stevie Nicks US

No I'm not an 80's baby, but still can't get enough of 80s music and Vh1 Classic pop up videos. Coming in Number 6 on the list former Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks is one of my favorite singers of that time, and among many of her song releases, I still can't get over how fun this song is!

5 Not born beautiful- Fabrika band Russia

4 Leave me Alone- Alexander Rybak Norway

3 Mistake number 3- culture club U.K

2 Cyber love- Turbo Korea
Before Kpop made it big in the U.S and other countries, in the late 90s and 00s, kpop duo Turbo was topping the music charts in Korea. Although no longer active, I love all of turbo's music and secretly wish that one day they have a reuinion concert somewhere, lol!^ ^

1 Malu Sama Kuching- Romaria Indonesia

Although this is a children's song, this music video and Romaria is too cute beyond words, plus the song is very catchy.

That's all so far for my top 10 favorite Song and Music tag, I hope you've all enjoyed listening to all artists as well as discovered some new favorite songs! Look forward to my #Top10Song tag on YouTube this week as well as more videos and posts on the Wonderful World of Minnie as well as the Minnie Diaries <3

Until Next Time, 

Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3