Saturday, December 13, 2014

Living Doll Style Guide

Hello everyone,

this is Minnie and welcome to my Living Doll Style guide! Fortunately, achieving the Living Doll look is very easy and clothing is simple to replicate and can be inexpensive. Since I've found not very many guides out there for this, this post is a little guide I put together to help you to become a Living Doll!

First of all, what is Living Doll Style? Living Doll Style is simply a girly and kawaii look and is mostly worn by girls whom aim to be Living Dolls or individuals whom enjoy dressing cute. It's a simple name I use to refer to looks in which are most commonly seen in magazines such as Popteen or Ranzuki and involves light pastels and girly colors.


Popteen's and Ranzuki's style is no longer leaning towards gyaru style anymore, therefore making the makeup a tad toned down and less dramatic. Dolly Makeup  in general would include upper as well as lower lashes, as well as optional light contouring as well as circle lenses. Below are some examples of some makeup styles from both Ranzuki as well as Popteen.

Shops!^ ^

I love looking through online shops and making long wishlists of dream coordinates, however since I'm a Seventeen year old, shopping online is quite an expense for me and occurs only once in awhile.

For almost all of my Japanese Alternative style looks such as himekaji, mori, and dolly kei, Forever 21 is my one stop shop! What I love about Forever 21 is that they have a wide variety of clothing pieces that are perfect for those whom want to dress these kawaii styles, but are on strict budgets.

When going shopping, I always make sure to have plenty of coordinate inspo so when at the shops, I know exactly what to look for! Since I love sweet and girly coordinates, I usually head straight to the mostly pastel/ dressy casual section at stores, this way it makes it easier for me to create a similar style/ look.

Other than forever I've also gotten tons of success at TJ Maxx, Love Culture, Papaya, Sears, and just recently, Abercrombie & Fitch! Below are some of my favorite clothing items which are now available in stores^ ^

Forever 21

Abercrombie and Fitch

This is just a few of what I love, but there's SO much more to see in stores as well as online, so take a look for yourself and happy shopping!

The last thing I'll cover is accessories! Other than clothing, I personally believe that accessories really makes an outfit complete, as well as shows the person's individuality and taste. If you're unable to shop online, if available near you try China Town. The China Town in Houston near me is super convient, and gotten much success in finding hair accessories as well as purses, earrings, necklaces, etc. just as cute as what I see online. Also FiT JP (daiso) carries many cute accessories for only $1-$2 USD so it's super reasonable.

At the end of the day I hold tons of respect for individuals whom are creative in their chosen alternative fashion style, especially those of who are on strict budgets, but still try to  make the best of their coordinates. The whole point of dressing alternative or a little differently is not just stand out, but to have fun experimenting with fashion each day as well as express your individuality!

On that note, this Living Doll Style Guide is now complete. This is just some of the things I like and just wanted to share with you, so I hope you enjoyed reading!^ ^

Until Next Time, this is Sakurai Minnie and as always,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!