Thursday, December 18, 2014

Minnie and her Graduation Ball ☆

Once upon a time...

Okay, obviously this is not a fairy tale, but I am counting down the days til my graduation ball! Since I'm homeschooled and my prom is too far away (Dallas), my family is throwing me a huge graduation ball celebration, and I can't wait!

I've been looking forward to this very moment since middle school, so there are many things in development right now!


Me at four years old. Btw, that's my real hair!

Since the elementary school, I was in love with Princesses--on All About Me Day I even told my teacher and classmates that I wanted to be a princess when I grew up, because of this, and since it's a graduation ball, I wanted to do a Fairy-Tale princess theme, but with a more mature feel.

In Middle school when discovering the world of kpop and K-Dramas, one of the dramas I watched every weekend on MBC America was Goong, or also known as, Princess Hours. Goong still remains to this day my favorite Korean Drama, and this theme is heavily inspired by this popular Korean television show.

The colors in which I've selected for my theme was silver, purple, and pink and will have a more modern as well as traditional Korean feel since Goong is set in a world where 21st century South Korea still has a monarchy, mixing both history as well as modern everyday life.


Not counting myself and my immediate family, there will be at least 100 guests in attendence. As of now, we are still looking at various venues in the Houston area in which will fit the budget.


For my invitations, as well as for another surprise I will keep secret to you guys, I'll be having a photoshoot (Separate from Senior Photos)! So far, we're having the shoot at  Houston's Japanese garden  and will be going through with it sometime during the Spring.

Houston Japanese Garden
Houston's Japanese Garden


Since I'll be attending multiple events (1 Houston, 1 Dinner party in New York when I visit this coming Summer) I'm very budgeted when it comes to dresses/ outfits! In total, I'll be getting  a modern/ fusion hanbok for my Graduation Ball, and a dressy casual outfit for the dinner party.  There have been many dresses in which I've been looking at, and so far narrowed it down to two per occasion. Maybe you can help me? Comment below on which dress you think would look nice!^ ^

Grad Ball Dress 1
Hanbok is the traditional Korean dresses. it is hanbokdress modernized hanbok. korean prom dress,short dresses,2011 prom dress with fusion hanbok

Dress 2


During a Ball, there is plenty of dancing, but there's also other things that will be added. To make fun memories, we're (party planner/parents/ I) trying to make a Purikura booth available so guests can enjoy customizing their photos, as well as a sweets table (candy buffet).

Other than that, it's a typical graduation party, and I'm counting down the days, as well as looking forward to see how it's executed by my party planner.

Well, that's all for now, if there's anything else added, I'll be sure to update, but until then,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!^ ^