Saturday, January 3, 2015

Annie 2014 Movie Review

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Hello everyone, it's Minnie!

For many of us, fun and games will be over after tomorrow and school will start up once again. Before going back to hitting the books, my family and I took a trip to the AMC to watch the long awaited remake of the classic 1982 film, Annie!

Seeing the trailer for the film early last year made me look forward to seeing it, and honestly the wait was worth it. The actors for each role was very well cast, and the original story line as well as music was modernized to fit today's time.

Some remakes tend to be as not up to par as the original, but I was highly impressed on how well Annie was executed, making it up to date, but still keeping the classic's original charm. The relationship between Annie and Mr. Stacks  was very natural as well as believable, and all songs part of the movie was very catchy, and made me wanted to literally go out and purchase the soundtrack!

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Despite the negative feedback, Cameron Diaz did a wonderful job portraying Ms. Hannigan bringing out her character's original crazy adititude as well a new softer side to her.

Since I don't want to release too many spoilers, I'd suggest this movie to anyone and would rate this a five star! With it's catchy original songs, new music compositions, as well as entertaining and wonderful cast Annie 2014 will become a new classic movie for all!

This is Minnie Sakurai bringing this post to a close,

and as always, Stay beautiful and Stylish!~