Monday, February 9, 2015

Kawaii Photo Apps for Androids

Hallo loves!^ ^

Just recently I've gotten a Samsung Tablet and am absolutely loving it so far, so this post I'll show you some of my favorite kawaii apps in which I've downloaded so far!

Purikura/ Editing Apps

Dakota Rose's Purikura machine Emugi

Purikura, meaning "print-club", in English, has been very popular among young Asian teens and young adults in Asia. These photo booths are filled with many fun options and photo shop effects such as making skin lighter, eyes wider, and a recent popular machine even has a option to make one appear taller! Want to look like you're on Popteen Magazine's cover, or ? With a green screen background within the machine, anythings possible! Whatever one may want, purikura can surely help obtain that allusion through photos.

Fortunately, I've been able to experience purikura machines multiple times, but if you don't have one near you, never fear! App developers have made it possible for us to experience Print Club, right from your finger tips! Below are some of my favorite apps!^ ^


Almost everyone in the jfashion community is familiar with this kawaii instagram-like app. With a super cute interface, adorable photo editor, and awesome fashion community, I absolutely love this app! I'd recommend Snapeee to anyone who loves jfashion, and enjoys sharing their style with the world, as well as those whom likes gaining fashion inspo. This is available on Google Play and is free to download. Below are some examples of photos I edited using Snapeee editor <3


Previously known as "SBY Camera", Pri Cam was the very first purikura app I came across back in 2011, (back when I first discovered gyaru fashion)! Although not much mentioned, Pri-Cam still has a spot on my storage space in my Alcatel One Touch! Since this app is heavily targeted/marketed towards GALS, the interface has a very fun and funky design, has a really cool self timing camera,  and the stickers are really what one would actually see in a purikura machine in Japan! The only thing I'd suggest not using in this app are their filters. To me the filters really wash you out and makes you look like a dead person almost, hehe!^ ^ Here are some example photos I did using pri cam (these are throwbacks, lol)

Beauty Plus <3





Beauty Plus is another great editing app I like to use when taking selfies, especially since it has an automatic camera timer and auto beauty effect! With Meitu as it's app developer, I love that the filters can be used by those of any skin shade, won't wash you out, and is perfect for both gyaru and ulzzang alike! There is another version of this app (chinese only), that has many more options than this version, but of course I'll cover this later. This app also has a "magic wand" effect where you are able to add sparkles, glitter, etc. to photos! Here are some photos I've edited using Beauty Plus.


One of the most popular purikura apps around today is DecoPic! To me, this decorating app offers a wide variety of deco sticker options, as well as cool pattern backgrounds to add to your photo!^ ^

Remember that awesome Chinese editing app I mentioned earlier?  Coming last on the list, Meitu Xiu Xiu is my go to app when going to edit all my photos! The best way to describe Meitu is a decorating, collage, and selfie editor all in one suite; just like Photo Shop, but made for the ulzzang or gyaru in mind! Using this application for many months now, I have no negative things to say about it what so ever. The filters are great, despite it being in Chinese the interface is still simple and self-explanatory, and overall I love it!

That's all of my favorite apps available on android now! If you have any other suggestions on apps that you'd think I'd like to try, leave them in the comments below, and until next time,

Stay beautiful and Stylish!^ ^