Saturday, March 7, 2015

Get Ready With Me Cinderella Part 1(2015)

Hello everyone!

I love princesses, and practically grew up on fairy tales and Disney movies! 
Just in a few weeks, Cinderella will be in theatres, so in celebration of the premiere, today's look is inspired by one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Cinderella. 

Let's get Started!

I  love the color saxe blue, as well as pastels to help  create  an innocent, soft, look, so make for  today will have a sweet, yet dramatic feel. For a more detailed look, check out my Get Ready With Me video on my Youtube Channel!

As for clothing,  I'm  wearing my  saxe blue lace dress from the Cinderella  Collection  by Lauren Conrad exclusively  at Kohls. (Look out for Part 2 for more on my dress)

Since I love doing my nails, today I went with a Cinderella Themed Design. Everything I did freehand, and I chose to use a Saxe Blue base.

Now I'm  ready for the Royal Ball! 
Must get going, I  only can stay till  midnight ☆
Disney's Cinderella  will be in theatres March 13th! 
Until  next time,  stay beautiful and  stylish