Monday, May 25, 2015

Beginner Lolita OOTD: Perfect for Budget Lolitas

Hello Dear loves, hope everyone is doing well! Due to Graduation and my Graduation Ball quickly approaching, it's been difficult to blog as regularly like usual, so apologies about that, however with Summer approaching there are various new projects in which I'm planning for both Youtube, as well as my blog that I know you'll love, so please continue to follow and keep on the watch for them!^ ^

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I announced yesterday that I was to attend a filming for a short film in which I'm going to be apart of for an upcoming Houston-based con. Unfortunately, due to the sour weather, it was cancelled and had to be rescheduled on a better day, but since I was already dressed and ready to leave for the filming location, I decided to do a quick ootd look book perfect for Lolitas on a Budget!

For the filming, I wore Bodyline's L506 JSK in Pik, a dusty rose blouse from my local Goodwill shop for $5.99, pairing forest green ribbon and cream lace socks from 99 cent Only, and a adorable brown leather box purse I found at Goodwill last Friday at $4.99 which matched the coordinate perfectly.

The moderate poof was achieved by using two petticoats (custom-made/Malco mode).

Since my Lolita closet is still very limited, I used the same brown lace up shoes I wore with previous coords, and my 4ever Young hat which went well overall. 

Although playing it safe, the coordinate was presented well and many compliments was received when going to my place of worship <3

Although only wearing Lolita in public only three times, so far I've received very positive feedback from people, many asking to take pictures of me and even asking where I buy my clothes from which is very refreshing! After dabbling in various jfashion styles through the years, I came to the conclusion that wearing Lolita makes me the happiest and when wearing it gives me so much confidence!

Unfortunately I don't have enough pieces to become  a daily Lolita, but will slowly continue to build my wardrobe!~