Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tokyo Girly Fashion

Tokyo, the epicenter of fashion within Japan. Many new fashion trends and styles has been born within this bustling and fashion forward city, and recently teens and young women are now beginning to embrace their girly side more so than ever before!

Introducing the newest trend of girly fashion, or most popularly known as Larme kei!

Larme kei has been popularized by a fashion magazine in which adorns the same title. Produced by Egg magazine's publisher, Tokuma Shotan and former gyaru magazine Ageha editor Nakagori Haruna, Larme main focus is what's cutest right now in Japan--Sweet, cute, and girly style.

With the appearance of an artbook, Larme stands out in the fashion publication market than most competitors since it's concept and design is unique in many ways. Instead of using reader models (dokumo), the magazine uses models who've adorned pages of many other fashion publications such as former Popteen alumni Kanno Yui and former Ageha model Korotaki Maria.

Yui then
Yui now

Larme means tears in literal french translation, so why does something that refers to sadness be considered cute in Japan? To give a better understanding of the fashion, let's take a look at a few scans!


Larme tends to promote a more down to earth approach within the makeup department using soft, pale colors, and staying away from harsh hues. Using more soft or earthly tones will not just make you appear youthful, but very doll-like as well.

Just like aegyo sal is popular within Korean ulzzang makeup style, tear bags or highlighting the cute puffy flesh under one's eyes gives the appearance of innocence, as if they were about to cry. This is also an allusion to make eyes appear larger and works great when wearing circle lenses and applying eyeliner downward.

 Another makeup point that's also popular within Korean makeup styles is thick and straight brows. Instead of arching, most girls these days prefer a more natural thick brow, giving them a more youthful appearance. 




Larme magazine features a variety of fashion lines with cute aspects throughout their clothing designs. Brands such as Mon Lily, Liz Lisa, and Katie are some favorites among Larme girls. 


After taking a look at this new face of femininity in Japan, it's fair to say that Larme kei was made for the girly girl at heart!

Look out for my new Larme tutorial in a couple of weeks on Youtube, and until next time,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!~