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Trip to Tokyo for Frills: the Travel Guide Created with Lolitas in Mind

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Although I've never visited Japan, in my tweens to early teens I'd often dream of one day embarking on an adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun; constantly visiting the Japan National Tourism Organization website; ordering numerous travel guides filled with colorful photos of the various destinations in which I wished to one day see with my own eyes.

In my bedroom, a map of Japan was taped onto the wall over my bed, in which I circled each city and prefecture that caught my eye. One of the many regions that intrigued me the most was Kanto--home of Tokyo Prefecture.

The very large and crowed city of Tokyo has so much to offer for fashion forward youths, especially Lolitas; so today I'll share with you some of the places I'd like to visit when/if I visit the the far East!~

Shopping in Harajuku

Yes, very expected, but Harajuku has a wide variety of places to shop for Lolitas, and since I don't personally get the chance to visit brand stores (there are none in Texas), I'd take great advantage of my trip by exploring Takeshita-dori, laforet Harajuku, and much more.

Girl in Harajuku by Japanese Streets

{Minnie Tip: Visit Harajuku and Takeshita-dori on Saturday and Sundays! On weekends, photographers for various magazines are most likely to be out to shoot street snaps. This is why many youths dress their best, because you never know when you'll be approached for a quick photo!}

Some of my favorite shops

Alice and the Pirates LaForet Harajuku store front

Angelic Pretty LaForet Harajuku Storefront 
Jane Marple La Foret Harajuku Storefront

Maison de Julietta La Foret Harajuku Storefront
Address: Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 1 Chome−11−6 ラフォーレ原宿
Phone: +81 3-6434-5464 
Please note that you must book an appointment in order to be serviced

Remember Club Libby Lu when you were younger? Although unrelated to Lolita, in general the process is similar (minus the dancing performances in front of the store, lol)! Maison de Julietta or House of Julietta is a lolita styling salon where consumers are dressed up in full Lolita brand coordinates. Depending on the package a consumer chooses, sessions may include a photo shoot, or a few hours outside of the salon in the coordinate rented. For those whom are budget Lolitas or have yet to try wearing Lolita in public, I'd suggest giving Maison de Julietta a try. It's a fun, exciting, and memorable experience.

Cafes and Restaurants 

Address: 8-8-5 Ginza | 5F Taiyo Bldg.Chuo 104-0061Tokyo Prefecture

 British Literary Classic Alice in Wonderland is adored by many alike and holds a large place within many Lolita's hearts. With many Alice themed prints or collections released by both major and indie brands, Alice in Wonderland is a timeless theme that will never grow old!

Located in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, one can travel down the rabbit hole and enjoy Japanese, Italian, and French Cuisine at Alice in a Labyrinth. Like most themed cafes in Tokyo, food and drinks are overpriced, but if you're a fan of this timeless tale, (or enjoy taking many selfies/photos and posting to the egl hashtag on Instagram), this cafe will give you the perfect backdrop for pictures~

Okay, totally geeky I admit, but if I was to stay in Tokyo, I'd love to experience this at least once!
Swallowtail Cafe is a butler cafe located in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan, and has been featured in many television programs and movies. I discovered the establishment on Youtube a few years ago and found the experience shown to be quite fun and refreshing. Unlike the foreign tourist Butler's Cafe (which I heard sucks by the way), the butlers from my understanding speak little to no English, so if you have trouble speaking Japanese, I'd suggest bringing a Japanese speaking friend so communication between you and the butler would go smoother.


Address: Japan, 〒206-0033 Tokyo, Tama, 落合1丁目31番地

Need I say more? A magical kawaii place where I can meet Hello Kitty, Daniel, my Melody, and all my favorite Sanrio characters! Located in Tama, Tokyo, Japan, Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park filled with many attractions, rides, and stage shows. The indoor park is very cute in design, so I believe it'd be a great place to take photos to share, as well as a nice place to go if you're travelling with friends~

As you can see, Tokyo has loads to offer for many frillies alike, so I hope this travel guide has given you some ideas for your upcoming trip to Tokyo in the near or distant future!

This is my first Lolita Blog Carnival Post, and I enjoyed every bit of it! Check out the other fellow frillies ideal Tokyo vacays, I promise, they're absolutely marvelous <3

This is Minako Sakurai, and until next time,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3

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