Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Favorite 3 Brands and Why

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Hello lovelies!


It's Friday, meaning it's time for Lolita Blog Carnival! For this week, I'll be covering some of my favorite Lolita brands and will go more into detail about each of my selections.
Since this blog's original purpose was to show various options on how one can dress J-Fashion styles on a budget, the brands and stores I've chosen are both stylish and won't break your parent's (or your own), wallet!
All dresses featured in this post can be purchased from Taobao re-seller and alteration company that I've had many positive experiences with in the past.

So let's get started!

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Growing up on stories of princesses, princes, fairytales, and fables, it's expected that I adore clothing designs with classic, intricate, hime-like designs and prints. Taobao-based brand Infanta offers beautiful, well-made, and unique designs to please any Classic or Hime Lolita, with many of their pieces inspired by well-known storybook characters and stories, Infanta comes in number one as my most favorite brand!

Being a freshman college student on a budget, Infanta is my BABY in a way, since pieces could be worn on special occasions such as a Tea Party, or a special gathering hosted by my local community.  Below are some of my favorite releases from Infanta, ranging from Everyday to OTT/ Special Occasion. 

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Being a happy owner of the Infanta Tangled OP, I love the flexibility of this dress since I'm able to wear it to my place of worship or religious conventions, as well as to a special event such as a Tea Party, wedding or fashion show. Overall the quality of this dress is well made, and material nice, I wouldn't wear it as a daily piece, or to a place such as school, but only for special occasions. Available in sizes Small to XL, this dress will truly make you a true princess for $113.99 USD (Head bow sold Separately). 
Note: This dress is secured with a side zipper and has shirring and lacing in the back for those that need more space. 

Infanta's Frozen World
Coming in #2 on the list, I've chosen Infanta's Frozen world for its whimsical wintery theme and it's simplistic, but detailed print. Since the design is very simple, it could be incorporated into daily wear and could even be dressed down as otome-kei. Available in sizes Small to XL, My-Lolita-Dress will let-it-go for $76.99 USD
Note: This dress is fastened with a zipper and does not have shirring

Infanta's Disney Version Snow White OP is the last dress that's caught my eye! Drawing inspiration from the classic fairy tale, I fell in love with the dress's fine and intricate detailing, and would definitely wear this to a fashion show, tea party, and Lolita meetups. 
Available in sizes Small to X-Large, the Snow White OP is priced $104 USD at My-Lolita-Dress!~
Note: Dress laces in back

Magic Tea Party^ ^

Magic Tea Party caters to majority Classic Lolita, but sometimes releases clothing pieces Sweet friendly. Being a Lolita that mostly dresses Classic, I find Magic Tea Party to be convient price wise, as well as quality. 

Very Classic and Country Lolita friendly, Magic Tea Party's Floral Whisper JSK can be incorporated into daily wear, and can be worn to local Lolita meetups, place of worship, as well as a small gathering. Available in sizes Small to X-Large this dress is sold at $57.95 on My-Lolita-Dress. 

Perfect for Classic Lolitas during the Summer months, Magic Tea Party's Floral Cotton OP is very well made and detailed for the price of $62.95 USD!

This nautical inspired piece is perfect for a casual meet-up, and can be incorporated easily into daily wear for lifestyle Lolitas! Available in sizes Small to X-Large, Magic Tea Party's Anchor of the Sea jumper dress is sold for $60.99 USD!

Strawberry Witch

Could be worn to a local meet-up, place of worship, and easily turned from Lolita to an otome coord. I personally love the mint colorway since I love the contrast between the black and mint and the print shows up very nicely. Available in sizes Small to X-Large, and custom sizing options are also available! $60.99 USD

This nature inspired JSK could be dressed up or down easily, depending on how one coordinates it. Ode to Forest is available in sizes Small to X-Large for $67.99 USD

Suitable for the cooler months of the year, this Sherlock Holmes embroidered high waist skirt can be coordinated with your favorite blouse and is available in sizes Small to X-Large for $69.99

These are all my favorite brands perfect for those on a budget, or just starting Lolita fashion. The quality of most of their pieces are fairly nice and have a wide selection and caters to many price ranges. 

To see even more brands, check out my friend's opinions from all around the world on which brands they like and why!

This is Minako, and until next time,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!