Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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Hello everyone, in today's post I want to share something in which I'm very passionate about!
When starting the Wonderful World of Minnie, I wanted to share my love of J-fashion and pop culture with the world from a teen's perspective. NHK World's Kawaii International is currently holding a contest to add another Kawaii Leader to their ranks--a representetive of Dolly Style, and I'd love it if you all support me by liking and sharing my photo submissions to help me reach my goal! 

What Does Kawaii Mean to Me & What I Plan to do if Chosen as Kawaii Leader

To me, kawaii is innocence, one's inner and outward beauty. A way of life expressed through unique clothing and culture; individuality at its best, a work of art, and the key to femininity.
Growing up in the kawaii J-fashion community, I felt under-represented since I didn't have any kawaii fashion icons or models to look up to that I could identify with culturally. Not seeing many African Americans or blacks represented made me feel left out and undesirable, and when seeing my past self today in younger girls (ages 12 and under) it really hurts me, so much I want to make a change.

Since Kawaii.I is a show that unites everyone internationally with jfashion, I want to break borders and make a change by being a good role-model to both tweens and young adults, by showing that no matter what you may look like, or where you originate from, you are kawaii--either from the inside or out!

 If chosen as Kawaii Leader for Dolly Style, I'd like to start a worldwide campaign in collaboration with Kawaii International, NHK World, Girls Inc. and the Japanese American Society of Houston to educate others about jfashion, hold special events to unite the kawaii community, and help make young girls feel confident in themselves by holding special charity makeover events which I'd hope to benefit the Children's Miracle Network, a non-profit organization that raises money for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness on children's health issues.  I would like to call this campaign, " Kawaii".

My Coordinate theme-Romantic Shoujo

The theme of my coordinate is "Romantic Shoujo". Whenever creating a coordinate, I draw inspiration from magazines, movies, time periods,mood, anime, and manga!
What introduced me to Japanese fashion was shoujo manga and anime, so I wanted my outfit to have a very mahou shoujo, wintery, pastel girly vibe. Since it's difficult for younger girls to obtain clothing from Japanese brands in my country, I wanted to create a coord in which could be replicated by younger viewers easily, so I incorporated clothing pieces which are currently sold in my country, focusing on the very feminine motifs of  lace, netting, and bows.  While making a big statement using the  color palette of pastel pink, ivory, and baby blue, I really wanted to add a twist by incorporating my natural hair into my overall look.
Being African American, I wanted to take advantage of my fluffy hair texture to create/replicate "Sailor Moon" buns, adding decorative bows and glitter to give a magical, girly touch.
Hope you enjoyed, and thank you for your consideration!

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Thanks everyone, and please wish me the best^ ^

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always,
Stay Beautiful and Stylish!