Thursday, December 10, 2015

Liz Lisa GAL Room Project x Tokyo Otaku Mode! ミ☆  ミ★  ミ☆  ミ★

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Liz Lisa GAL Project update! After the project's launch on You Tube, it made me happy to see all the positive responses as well as feedback.
Since the launch of LLGP there has been many things that happened over the past few months, so let's take a look at some of the things currently underway, shall we?

LIZ LISA GAL Project X Tokyo Otaku Mode 

Recently I've became affiliates with Japan and California based company Tokyo Otaku Mode! TOM is an online shop bringing consumers the latest products from anime, manga, games, music, and recently--J-fashion! From Milklim, to Listen Flavor and Liz Lisa, Otaku Mode carries a wide variety of authentic fashion brands for fair and reasonable prices.

Like what I wore in this week's video? Become an LLGAL get the Liz Lisa Sunflower dress online at Tokyo Otaku Mode and get $5.00 in TOM points ( points can be used to order any products) by using my invitation link:

Liz Lisa Project Episode 2: Effortless Kawaii

Sometimes the smallest of details can pull a room's design concept together. In this episode of Liz Lisa Project, I'm going to show you some easy ways to make your room look kawaii, with little to no effort. 

Products featured

Paris Effiel Tower Wall Design Sticker- Target

White Rose String Lights- Target

Multi-colored floor lamp- Target

Bedroom Collection (bed, dresser, vanity)- Ashley Furniture's Zarollina Collection

Jewelry stand- Ross

Night stand- @ Home

Lingere drawer- @ Home

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