Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ラルム Sweet Girly Artbook for Girls with Medium to Dark Skin

Hello lovelies!

If you're following me on Instagram, most likely you're familiar with my recent obsession with Larme-kei. Giving off a feminine and vintage look, Larme is the perfect fashion style for individuals whom love Japanese fashion, but don't want to look, "too out there"!

Despite it's recent boom in popularity among other jfashion adherants such as Lolitas, Mori Girls, and even some gyaru, information on where to shop and videos are VERY limited. If you're a girl of color, this is troublesome since there are no tutorials yet available to compliment our skin tone or hair texture. In today's post, I'm going to invite you to Get Ready With Me--covering makeup, hair, and much more designed with the Kawaii Black Girl in mind.

Welcome to LARME: Sweet Girly Artbook for Kawaii Black & Indian Girls


Overall, Larme is a cute, but mature fashion style which could range from natural to over-the-top (i.e. Swankiss). Depending on the look one may want to go for, makeup could be either heavy or light. Since I'm going for an innocent and sweet look, today I'll show you a simple and easy tutorial that could be replicated and suitable for most Larme looks.


In Larme Magazine models are shown rocking their own natural hair, and so can you love! For this easy style, I used a simple stretchy headband, two culers, and a silk scarf to get Larme icon Risa Nakamura's hair style! No Straighter or curling iron required!


Did you know that Target has some amazing clothing items that could be used for Larme Coordinates this season? Surprisingly while shopping around earlier this week, I managed to find the perfect dress in saxe blue for only $27.99 USD.
Let's take a look at how I coordinated it by checking out my Kawaii International Houston Photobook.
  NOTE: This video is in Japanese with English Subtitles!

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