Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lolita Diaries Update: Meeting AKIRA Again, First Brand OP, MAY BE FEATURED IN GLB!?

From Left to Right: AKIRA (Japanese Singer, Actress, and Dansou Model), and Me

Hello everyone, it's Minnie!
It's been ages since I last posted here, and that's mostly due to both school and life keeping me busy, haha^ ^

It's now the weekend, and it feels great to finally sit down in front of the computer again and express myself through writing. There's been so many things going on in my life over the past few months, so today I'd like to share with how my life has been as a Lolita for two years now, and reaching my first milestone--OBTAINING My FIRST BRAND OP!

Over the Past Couple of Years...

Over the past couple of years, I've learned quite a bit about Lolita fashion, and its a joy to see myself progress over such a short amount of time. While my newbie phase lasted for only a day, now I'm starting to mature in small steps at a time--thanks to the members of the Houston Lolita Community for being so welcoming and helpful--even when I'm unable to make most meets!

When first starting the fashion, I was very nervous about making mistakes, being called an "ita", and not being well received, but by watching and learning from afar, and finally getting to meet local Lolitas in real life, they gave me the encouragement to keep going, and to not give up!

This Year...

After building up a descent wardrobe of Taobao, Bodyline, and Putumayo, It was a joy to welcome my newest edition to my closet---Triple Fortune's Sky Jewelry Op Navy Blue Color way!

Designed by J-Rock duo BABI and Kaie [KAI-EH], Triple Fortune is a well respected Japanese Lolita brand, well known for their lavish details in their clothing pieces and accessories. 
While I was overwhelmed with such a wide variety of available Lolita outfits to try on at my local Lolita shop Shop in Wonderland, a fellow HLC member and shop girls helped me in finding what I needed for my upcoming formal occasion.

Photos From Shop in Wonderland Facebook Page: Kawaii Ambassador of Mexico Daniela and fellow HLC member Kate did a wonderful job with helping me pick out my dress!

 When trying on the dress, the fabric was very soft to the touch, was comfortable, and would compliment a variety of body types, including those with a slightly larger bust ( I am a 34 C if that helps).  After exiting the fitting room, there was many compliments made--including from AKIRA herself (and this is when we took this selfie together, tee-hee)!

This was literally the highlight of my week, and was so worth travelling a hour and a half to China Town, so I'd like to thank everyone whom has helped me out thus far, and I look forward to sharing with you my overall look on my special day!

In the Near Future, I Wish To/ Look Forward To...

Since I'm just getting the hang of driving, I hope to start attending more meet-ups and events hosted by my local Houston Lolita Community. Due to my father having to work, it's rare when I see local Lolitas, however whenever I get the chance to attend an event or meet-up, it makes me genuinely happy!

One thing I've learned from taking part of this expensive hobby, is that it takes quite a bit of cash for a good quality piece. So I hope to get a nice part-time job--preferably an occupation that would help me to reach my goal of becoming an EPIK teacher in the future, to set aside a small budget to indulge in releases every once in a while.

Finally, saving the best part for last--when shopping at my local Lolita Boutique, since it was an event, popular and well-respected J-fashion magazine, Gothic & Lolita Bible's Photographer was in attendance, covering the event and taking photos of the attendees--so there's a good chance I may appear on one page along with other fellow Lolitas :)


That's all the excitement that's happened over the past week. There's another event coming around the corner which I can't wait to take you guys along for--so stay tuned!

This is Minako Sakurai,
and as always,
Stay Beautiful and Stylish!