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Happy Summer!

It's time to put down your pen, paper, and pencils and soak up the warm sunshine. If you've been following me on Instagram for these past few months, you probably already know how much I've been adoring the Larme -kei (A.K.A. Sweet Girly) style.

Unlike most J-Fashion styles, Larme is a soft, sweet, but mature style which has been on the rise for the past few years.  In today's post, I'll show you some of the popular trends in both the Japanese and International Larme Community,  OOTD, shopping guide, as well as how YOU can become a LARME Girl!

 Let's Get Started!

What is Larme?

Larme Issue 03

Meaning "tears" in the French language, Larme is a fairly new fashion style with roots in Japan. Popularized by a magazine with the same name starting in 2013, Larme personifies the sweet girly girl at heart whom encompasses both femininity as well as maturity.
Having some former gyaru icons as regular models such as Yui Kanno, the magazine and style overall focus on a sweet girly asthetic which each issue having a highlighted cohesive theme in photo shoots, coordinates, etc.
 Some popular Larme icons include:

🌟 Nakamura Risa

🌟 Kanno Yui

🌟 Aizawa Rina

🌟 Kojima Haruna

What Exactly is Considered Larme?

Example of my Everyday Larme Makeup

While it's debatable for some on what is considered Larme, and what isn't, by observation, it's safe to say that the style has very retro, vintage, toned-down sweet and even some gothic influences. Makeup overall can range from toned down to OTT (i.e Swankiss models), and most models apply more blush than usual, and keep makeup more light, innocent, and natural!

Larme Trends Summer 2016

Now that it's Summer here in the United States, here are some of the trends now popular among the Larme girls both within Japan, as well as abroad that I absolutely love!

Gingham has been trending quite a bit this season! With many brands releasing various pieces from dresses to shirts adorning this timeless pattern, I believe this is the top trend this Summer!

Katie the Store 2016 Summer Collection

Simple hair tutorial incorporating ribbon in Larme

Ribbon is being incorporated in many coordinates! From pencil skirts to hair and jewelry, many girls are jumping onto this trend--including myself! No matter where you live, ribbon is easily accessible, so styles are easy to replicate (hair).

 ã‚¹ãƒ¯ãƒ³ã‚­ã‚¹(Swankiss)のAP Mermaid 水着  Swim Wear

Incorporate the Sweet Girly asthetic to your swim wear! This dreamy mermaid inspired bikini set from Swankiss is just one good example of what many Sweet Girly brands are releasing for the Summer season!

~Don't Cry Baby, Larme-kei Worldwide~ Coordinates

One of the most active global online communities for Larme girls and girls interested in dressing Larme, "Don't Cry Baby," was holding a Summer Larme Picnic themed coordinate contest (members only)! After asking permission from some of the participants, here's some of the contest entries from the global Larme community that were willing to share with all of you!

Wing Instagram @chocoreverie

Ruka @lukarucat on Instagram








                                                                       Kaddy's Blog





I absolutely love retro-girly, a sub style of Larme, so here's my OOTD that I wore for a television show filming a couple of weekends ago!
The dress I'm wearing is "Tina", by UK Vintage brand, Lindy Bop.

Shopping Guide

While there's a wide variety of brands that are featured in the magazine, not ALL brands are exclusively Larme, so here's a quick list of "Larme" brands! Each section was made for the buyer in mind, ranging from Japanese to even local brands!

Japanese Brands

The following brands in this section are based in Japan--meaning majority of these shops do not ship internationally. In order to get brand items, many girls either use the assistance of a shopping service, buy second hand, or if they're lucky, from a local event, store front, etc.

Katie the Store


Liz Lisa

Ank Rouge

Honey Cinnamon


Axes Femme

Mon Lily

Taobao Brands
The following brands on this list are less known than the Japanese brands and are based in China. Despite having to use a shopping service such as Yoybuy or another Taobao Agent, many purchase from these brands due to their fair to great quality, as well as getting a bang for your buck due to their affordability! (Please note some storenvy shops will be included in this section due to being Taobao resellers).

Spree Picky-For those of you whom don't feel like going through the trouble of using a Taobao agent, luckily there are many Taobao reseller sites out on the net that sell some of the same items! Spree Picky is a popular website among the jfashion community and has some pieces available that are suitable for Larme! To get a discount on your order, roll down to the bottom of this page for a discount link!

Candy Rain -Note: Will Need Shopping Service. Candy Rain could be described as a over the top girly brand! Being a proud owner of some of their clothing pieces, Candy Rain has some clothes that are perfect for those whom dare to do Swankiss inspired ott, without the high and expensive price.

Bobon 21 - Taobao's answer to Liz Lisa! One of the more popular Taobao shops, bobon 21's style is very sweet and girly incorporating florals, pastels, etc. I also believe they have a presence in Japan!

Violence Groceries- Dark clothing, many can be incorporated into Larme

Mercy Mercy - Dark, but also has some light pieces this season. Can be worn for Larme.

Vock -Sells original designs, many cute Larme pieces.

Pink Sailor - Adorable accessories

Unicorn's Shop -Nice Larme Accessories <3

Local (Western) Brands

Local Western Brands are stores that cater to the mainstream! From Primark, to Forever 21, this list was made for those whom may be on a limited budget, or may not be able to access brand due to whatever reason.

Forever 21 -F21 always sells many pieces in which could be incorporated into Larme! I highly recommend the Contemporary section the most since many of the pieces within that collection fits the Larme asthetic.

H&M- Depending on the season, from time to time I find great accessories to incorporate into my Larme coordinates.
Primark (Mostly in Europe and UK)- Although I've never seen Primark in the United States (except at King of Prussia Mall in Pensylvania), for the most part this department store is more prominent in Europe and the UK. There has been some girls whom found Larme-able pieces at the store, so just for reference!
Dolls Kill- An online store specializing in various alternative fashion styles, Dolls Kill has many pieces from lace up heels to pastel bombers jackets! (NOTE: A little more pricy)
Lauren Conrad-Sold at Kohls, personally I've found some larme-able pieces from this brand such as sweaters, blouses, etc.

the LARME Community

One of the best parts about dressing J-fashion, or any alternative fashion style for that matter, is the community aspect. Despite the Larme community being fairly young compared to other jfashion styles in the west, overall most are very upbuilding, supportive, and drama-fee (from my knowledge)!
If you're interested in joining the Larme online community, here's the link to the group I'm a member of, "Don't Cry Baby, Larme-kei Worldwide", the Houston Larme Community: Sister's Society, as well as my friend's Larme blog that's perfect for beginners, "Petite Dollies"!
On this note, this completes the Larme Summer 2016 Guide, and for more posts related to Larme, follow my blog, Instagram, tumblr, as well as other social media accounts!
This is Sakurai Minako, and as always,
Stay Beautiful and Stylish!