Thursday, June 2, 2016

Liz Lisa Gyaru Room Project: Kawaii Room Design Guide 2016

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Hello everyone!

Recently I've obtained a large  box in the mail containing one of the larger décor pieces to complete my room--my chandelier! Since last episode was a quick room update and this is the only modification since filming, I decided to postpone episode three until I order my Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror in a few months; putting more focus on it during Agepoyo Summer '16 that I'll be doing on Youtube throughout this coming summer.

In the meantime, here's a new Kawaii/Gyaru/ Lolita Room design guide to help you create a fun, and unique living space!

Pick a Theme/ Design Concept & Stick With It!

One of the most important steps before doing anything, is getting a feel and idea of what you want! Whether you want to focus on Lolita, Magical girl animations like Sailor Moon or Precure, or even your favorite kpop/jpop star, it's always great to seek inspiration from various things.

When coming up with the concept for my room, a couple of years ago, I sought inspiration from various Kawaii Room and Gyaru Room tours on You Tube, pictures on Tumblr, google, and Instagram, as well as clothing patterns and designs (since my theme is based off of Liz Lisa's brand concept).

Balance and Maturity

Depending on ones age, mindsets, likes, and desires change throughout their teen years and even through their lives as young adults; meaning while one may like something one year, one may not be so crazy about it two years down the road!

 Therefore whenever designing a room, I'd suggest instead of making the room too themey and overcrowded, to instead incorporate balance. Instead of pasting ten to fourteen posters of your favorite anime to your wall, try narrowing that number down to three, or frame your favorite artwork!

One way I did this, was by creating framed jfashion collages! This way, whenever I may grow out of Lolita or gyaru (which will be a long time from now), all I have to do is replace the photos displayed in the frame (which will save you tons of cash).

Remember to "not overcrowd your white space (your room)", so the overall design will be breathtaking and pleasing to the eye.

Instead of turning your whole room into a precure/otaku shrine, maybe use the color concept of the anime (ex. when living in my apartment, my room concept was Pink, blue, and gold for Sailor Moon), and add some small touches such as accent pillows, or a plushy from that anime (don't go too crazy though guys).
Since my room is Liz Lisa themed, I plan on investing in a couple of My Melody plushies to sit on my bed. 

No. Unless you wish to go for this


Make a Wish list

One resource I've found helpful was Pinterest. By saving décor I'd like to incorporate in my room from various sites on Pinterest, this helps to keep my concept organized and keeps everything in one place!
Definitely comes in handy when you're ready to order!

LLGAL Pro Pinterest

Be Creative & Have Fun!

For those whom are restricted by a budget, there are still ways to incorporate your chosen theme in a tasteful manner! From decoing your wall mirror with flowers or jewels, to trying out other fun diys, sometimes the best items in a room, are the ones that are hand made and modified to your personal taste! Although this may be my idea of a kawaii room, at the end of the day, possibilities are endless, and there are no right, or wrong ways in decorating! It's what makes YOU happy!


That's all for the Liz Lisa GAL Kawaii Room Guide this week! I hope you've all gained a little inspiration and new ideas for your future space!

This is Minako Sakurai, and until next time,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!