Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'm on Kawaii International?! Sister Society's First Meet-up

Hello dear lovelies!

Hope everyone is having an amazing Summer so far! This year I've been quite busy working on various projects (some that I've haven't announced yet), and in this post will share with you one of the biggest highlights of my Summer vacation this year!

For those of you whom follow my social media, most likely you've seen this big announcement, but for those of you that haven't--I'm a Kawaii Reporter for Kawaii International for LARME-kei!

Kawaii International (or sometimes abbreviated as Kawaii.I) is an internationally broadcasted television show that airs on both NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai--Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and sister television stations all around the world. This Tokyo-based program covers Kawaii fashion and pop culture trends that are currently popular in Japan, as well as fashion enthusiasts worldwide!

As of this year, Kawaii International opened up a new segment to allow international viewers to become more involved in their program!
Kawaii Reporter allows for various jfashion enthusiasts to report on various various Kawaii fashion related events such as meet-ups, fashion walks, as well as show the personal lives of some of the participants (i.e. a room tour, mother daughter interview, etc.).

While there has only been two before me (lovely Audra from LA and Hesti Harajuku from Jakarta, Indonesia), It was a great pleasure to work closely with Kawaii International and some of the wonderful people behind the scenes that makes the show so wonderful (thank you NHK and Kawaii.I for this opportunity)!

Larme (Sweet Girly Style Photo Shoot)

My friends and I love Sweet Girly fashion, so we created a community in our local area for like-minded cultured girly girls like ourselves can discuss various fashion trends, magazines, as well as enjoy each other's company!

Despite Larme still being quite young in the international realm, I wish to encourage it's growth by hosting fun meets in our area! While our first meet-up was going to be a Larme Summer themed picnic, Houston's rainy weather made us have a quick change of plans!
Our first meet was a photo shoot inspired by Larme Magazine with the setting of a country French café in our area.

Larme's Current issue
Café Interior

Filming location 1 la Madeline Kingwood, Texas

Since Larme is mostly read by culture girls our age who enjoy reading, and other calm relaxing activities; we really wanted to re-create this in our photo shoot, making the atmosphere sophisticated like in the magazine as well as showing the diverse set of girls who abide by this fashion style!
In order to create the sweet girly element, we did shots both indoors and outside as well to add variety.
See the photo shoot photos in the next post!^ ^


For everyone to re-arrange schedules to meet at the specific filming locations, our segment was actually filmed on two consecutive weekends back to back!
Since our goal was to capture an accurate portrayal of what its like for not just Larme girls, but other j-fashion enthusiasts in our area, we chose to highlight Houston's Chinatown!

Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States and is home to a diverse melting pot  of individuals  from all around the world--encompassing small shopping burros catering to various cultural communities and its enthusiasts! Houston's Chinatown is not just a popular hang out for Asian Americans in our local area for cuisine, KTV (Karaoke), and Shopping but is also a popular choice to meet-up for Houston J-fashion enthusiasts, so I really wanted to incorporate this in the segment by inviting viewers to enjoy our meet with us!

We couldn't resist not doing a group Purikura! From Left to Right: Chie, Minako (myself), and Harumi

 Wrapping up the filming with the cliché kawaii Purikura group pic, we all said our farewells till the next meet, each of us leaving the area with built up hope and excitement for our episode to air!

Liz Lisa Project x Kawaii.I

Wondered why there hasn't been a recent update regarding my room renovation? On this episode of Kawaii International, I'll be showing you my Kawaii Lifestyle at home by giving a room and closet tour, while showing some of my diy projects, as well as other surprises, so I hope you all look forward to the Kawaii International x Liz Lisa Project Collaboration! <3

How to Watch Kawaii International

If you don't reside in Japan, or if NHK World is not available in your area, no worries--you can still watch the show FREE!
After each episode airs, it becomes available to view online on NHK World On Demand for one month after it's broadcast!
To watch Kawaii International NOW, click this provided link that will lead you to their on demand page: Kawaii International

That's all for this week's post! I wish to continue to share my love and vast interest in Larme-kei, as well as other fashions with you all. For those of you whom have been following me for awhile now, thanks so much for supporting me, and I hope you all enjoy my friends and I's segment as much as we had filming for it!

A huge thanks to NHK World, the Kawaii International team, Directions inc., Yamamoto-san, Tsukada-san, both my friends Mia and Alexandra working behind the scenes being awesome videographers and Photographers, my other cast mates and friends Harumi and Chie, and most importantly--my parents for supporting me all the way on this project. My mum and dad has always been my biggest cheerleaders all my life, so it makes my heart happy to have their support. Family is everything! <3

This is Minako Sakurai, and until next time,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3