Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday x LARME: Larme Fall Trends For Less

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Cyber Monday has begun, and it's time to stock up on the AH-MAZING deals going on all over the net! Let's all admit it--being apart of the J-Fashion community is a fairly expensive hobby; so it's great to always stock up on Lucky Packs and other various sales.

In today's post, I'm going to show you some of the hottest western online shops for Larme-inspired clothing, as well as the current deals going on RIGHT NOW!

Larme Fall/ Winter 2016 Trends

Katie the Store Crushed Velvet Slip Dress
Before shopping western brands, it's always good to have a little bit of inspiration--especially when shopping for Larme. With a style that's mostly based on feel and aesthetic, it can be pretty easy to mess up, so here's some of the things that I focused on when choosing pieces.
For Fall/ Winter 2016, some of the popular trends I've been constantly observing by brands is: Cheetah print, crushed velvet, reversed satin, faux fur, chokers, fishnets and more darker colors. There's a lot of Dark Romanticism, so I kept this in mind when picking out the pieces I wished to highlight from the Western Shops.
Key Points: Prints, Satin, Crushed Velvet, darker/ toned down colors
E Hyphen Bon Bon World Gallery
E Hyphen Bon Bon World Gallery


E Hyphen World Gallery Bon Bon


Forever 21

    If you're part of the International Larme Community, its most likely you've heard through the grape vine about Forever 21's influx in Larme-like clothing designs as of late. Starting out as originally Fashion 21, Forever 21 was a small store that first started out in California, ran by a Korean family that wanted to sell clothes/styles that were popular among the Korean/ Asian American community.  Forever 21 has always been known to be the place to go for basics among the gyaru, ulzzang, and more recently--Larme community, so here are some of the deals that will make your online shopping experience even sweeter!
  •  Free Shipping All Orders
  • Extra 30% off
  • Deals Start at $4 USD
  • Promo Code: EXTRA30

Forever 21's Larme-inspired Pieces

Crushed Velvet Swing Dress
Crushed Velvet Dress
Lately, I've been loving how military green has been incorporated in Larme coordinates. I love seeing variety, and definitely this season I want to try experimenting with other colors besides the typical palettes of red, black, pink, and white. Although quite simple, if paired properly with the right accessories, this dress is definitely Larme-able. Oh, and did I mention it's only $12.90 right now? Brilliant!
Reverse Lace-Trim Slip Dress
Reversed Slip Dress
 Slip Dresses have been very popular this season! With Brands such as Mon Lily, E Hyphen Bon Bon World Gallery, and Katie the Store releasing various versions of this piece, so has Forever 21--and they have MANY versions! Currently, this Slip Dress is on sale for $40.60.
Reverse Satin Ruffled Romper
Reverse Satin Ruffle Romper
 Saw a romper similar on Princess Polly, but unfortunately I'm not an Aussie, and shipping would be pricey to the states. This Romper is so adorable, but since the chest area is rather cut low, I'd personally would add a black lace cami for modesty. Yes, I believe modesty is the best policy!^ ^
An online exclusive, this romper is going for $58.
Combo Midi Dress
Midi Dress
That casual day to day look that's totally adorbs! This midi dress is currently $22.90

Charlotte Russe

From time to time, depending on the season, Charlotte Russe comes out with some nice pieces that would be suitable for Larme. Here's some of the pieces that stood out to me.
Satin Choker Necklace

Satin Choker $3.50


Faux Fur Pom Pom Clutch
                                                               Pom Pom Fur Clutch $10.50

 Off-The-Shoulder Scalloped Skater Dress

Scalloped Skater Dress Black $19.79
Lace-Trim Camisole Top
Lace Trim Camisole Top $13.19
Corduroy Off-The-Shoulder Top
Corduroy Off the Shoulder Top $11.39


Like Forever, H&M is also known to selling some Larme-like pieces. Here are some of the deals going on right now!
  • Up to 30% Off orders
Knee Length Satin lace dress $69.99
Satin Dress w/ Flounce $39.99
Ruffled Dress $49.99
Pleated Skirt $34.99
Headband with Knot $9.99
Those are some of the stores I've been looking at lately. Hope you all have a Happy Cyber Monday, and until next time, Stay Beautiful & Stylish!^ ^