Friday, January 6, 2017

3 Best Otome Games 2017

Uta no Prince Sama

"Otome games are played by weebs."
"Otome games are played by Otaku nerds."
"Girls that play otome games must be very lonely~"

Okay fine, these quotes listed above were made by me, a VERY long time ago; but after discovering NTT Solmare "Ninja Love," around the age of thirteen, things changed.

Although a little wierd at first for some, Otome Games are very similar to reading a Shoujo manga--with you reading from the protagonist's point of view!

In today's post I'm going to share my Favorite Otome Games for 2017!

3. Midnight Cinderella

Every girly girl at heart will absolutely love this game.It's a modern day cinderella story with a slight twist, and was worth the many months of play! The plot storyline is very well written, didn't come across any translation errors,beautiful imagry and the background music is very pretty. 

Available on both Android and iTunes, this story is available for free download w/ optional purchases in app (special items, etc.). 

2. Oz+

Dorthy returns back to Oz after many years and reunites with long lost friends from the original classic--with the exception of the Lion, Tin man,and others taking on the appearance of real boys.

While I'm not quite finished yet with this game, I'm currently enjoying Oz's route and would definitely recommend this to Wiz fans.
Like most otome games, Oz+ is free to download from Play Store and itunes

1.Guard Me Sherlock

One of the new releases from the "Shall We Date", "Guard Me Sherlock" is another game that I found both unique and interesting. Aside from the romance that's evident in all these Shoujo manga-like games, it's also very adventurous with each character route having a different storyline and case. Personally, Sherlock is protrayed rather oddly in the prologue and personally wasn't my route choice. I have still yet to finish the game yet, but so far I find Moriarty's storyline very interesting!
Guard me Sherlock is free to download through both Play Store and itunes.

Those are all my best picks so far for 2017, I hope to introduce even more fun games as the year goes on!^ ^

This is Minako Sakurai, bringing the first post of the year to an end!

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