Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Black Princesses of the World Miniseries

"Once Upon a time, in a land not far from here, lived a ordinary girl that was just like you, and just like I. While pursuing her dreams in the big city of New York, little did she know that she would be swept off her feet by an actual prince and would be the very first Black Princess to marry into European royalty."

Now I know what you may be thinking-- "What a cute story/ fairytale," however this is no fairytale full of fairy godmothers, pumpkins that turn into horses, or a simple, "bippiti boppiti boo". On the contrary, this is the TRUE rags to riches story of Princess Angela of Lietchenstein.

While growing up as a young African American child during the late 90s and early 2000s, representation lacked for young black girls like myself. While numerous Disney Princesses of fair complexions lined the toy store isles at Walmart and FAO Swartz, it was common place to not see a single black doll on shelves in American suburbia. Noticing this at an early age, I wrote a letter to Disney at 8 years of age, requesting for them to make a Black Disney Princess.

"When going to the toy store, I see no dolls that look like me. What if I don't like the Lion King? I want to be a princess too," my younger self expressed to the multi billion dollar children's entertainment company. Both my Father and Mother from the day I was born educated me about my roots, where I came from, and reminded me each and everyday that Black is Beautiful. Thanks to them, I never viewed the color of my skin as ugly, I was and will never be ashamed of where we came from,and never felt either superior or inferior to any other race.

For children--especially young girls, its important for them to have representation; someone whom looks like they do. Since this cause means so much to me, I wanted to create a fun mini series for Black History Month that went beyond slavery, or the civil rights movement. I wished to do something a little different--something for girls!

The Black Princesses of the World mini series is a three part special that focuses on the beautiful princesses that usually don't get recognized in the media reguarly. I hope through this series, girls can learn something new, have fun, as well as be proud of their cultural heiratage! Each episode will be posted on Saturdays^^

This week's episode is focusing on a true rags to riches story that can truly be called a "Real-Life Fairytale". Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube and turn on your notifications, as you'll won't want to miss this!^^

This is Minako Sakurai, and Until Next time,

Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3