Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sailor Moon Musical Coming to Houston?! Con Season Countdown 2017

With it's first musical in 1993, the Sailor Moon Musical series has captivated thosands of audiences within Japan and China. After a breif hiatus,in 2013 the the Naoko Takeuchi stage shows have made a resurgence with an all-female cast in Sailor Moon: La Reconquista.

With Houston being the host city of this past week's superbowl, there's also alot of buzz among fellow western moonies--for the 1st time, Sailor Moon (Sera Myu) Musical will be touching down in the United States and Houston!

Part of the Anime Matsuri 2017 programming, all-star Takarazuka Revue cast will be attending the three day convention as special guests as well as  performing the newest installment to the Sailor Moon Musical series, Sailor Moon: Amour Eternal in front of an American audience.

Ticketing Information

With the announcement being officially released by both the Anime Matsuri website, as well as the Official Sailor Moon Musical site, Amour Eternal admission is already included in the convention's programming, and therefore is open to all congoers. So if you have a badge= you can pass!

Will the Musical be in English or Japanese?

As there's still so much more to be announced as far as programming is concerned Sailor Moon wise, typically Sera Myu is performed in Japanese, however there is a chance of being in English. Early last week there was a slight leak on Facebook that showed the cover to the script/ outline reading: "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the Musical: Amour Eternal Script for Anime Matsuri".

There's so much more that's planed for this April, so until the meantime, all Sailor Moon fans can do is wait patiently. This is all for this edition Con Season Countdown 2017!

Until Next time, Stay Beautiful and Stylish in the name of the Moon!