Sunday, March 5, 2017

Minako x Kawaii International Episode #57 Highlights

Happy almost Spring Break everyone!

As we say farewell to winter and hello to Spring,finally I can share my experience getting to partner up with Kawaii International yet again for another fun-filled episode!

For those whom may be new to the Kawaii Community, Kawaii International is an English/ Japanese language fashion program that airs monthly on NHK World Japan. As of early Spring 2016, the show started the new segment of Kawaii Reporter--where Kawaii fashion enthusiasts can become directly involved with the show by reporting Kawaii fashion or Japanese cultural events which may occur in their local areas or cities.

Being the 3rd official Kawaii Reporter, 2nd Kawaii.i U.S. reporter representative, and 1st black reporter for the segment,there's always great memories to take away when filming and working with NHK and Directions (the company that makes Kawaii International).

Episode #57 focuses on Kawaii Squad Goals--ideal group of friends within the global jfashion community. This episode give viewers a breif glimpse into the lives of all Kawaii Reporters by checking in on them, as well as Sebastian Masuda's Time After Time Capsule project that has toured the world this past year!

Minako x Larme Girl's of Houston Update (Screen Shots)

Since there were so many things to cover in this month episode, each reporter segment was breif! For each, they showed our past reports, as well as the updates we were requested to film two months prior to the show airing (December 2016). 

Past footage of my report last August was featured in the episode's intro. 

Both hosts of Kawaii.i model Melody Yoko Reilly (lower right) and Fashion Journalist and celeb Stylist Misha Janette (lower left) reacted to each of our updates and segments through out the episode. It was a nice personal touch getting feedback from the two individuals in which my friends and I have been watching for years. 

Screenshot of past interview that aired August of last year

Larme Girls of Houston has more members since the date of episode 50! Both Katie and Callie joined fall of 2016 last year, making our circle a group of 5 <3

Minako (me) interviewing new member Katie

Minako (Me) interviewing new member Callie
Unlike last report, NHK requested to choose someone to interview me. I selected Harumi. Due to time constrants, only part of the interview made the cut for the show!

Behind the Scenes

There's SO MUCH involved when working as a Kawaii Reporter! To see all the behind the scenes of what goes on behind the camera,preparation,as well as how YOU can become a Kawaii Reporter, take a look at my Kawaii Reporter Video Blog (Vlog)!

Outfit of the Day

The weather during filming was super windy, but fortunately this came to our advantage despite the slight challenges with hair (r.i.p. my beautiful bombshell curls), hats flying off our heads in multiple takes, and mic issues. 

Whenever filming for the show, they request for each member to have an outfit rundown. Unfortunately due to time constrants, not every member's coordinate was shown in detail, but that's where Youtube comes in!^^

Here's the ootd shots that didn't air on the show!


Kawaii Squad Goals turned out to be a fun episode and another Amazing experience. To view Kawaii International episode 57 for Free, visit: NHK World On Demand Free

That's all for this week's post! This is Kawaii Reporter Minako Sakurai, and Until next time, stay beautiful, stylish, and have fun with Kawaii Fashion!<3