Monday, May 8, 2017

Minako x I.AM Kawaii: 10 Years of Jfashion

Misako Aoki, AKIRA, Midori, OH MY!

Hallo dearies,

This year at Anime Matsuri, many jfashion enthusiasts coming from the local scene as well as from around the world, gathered to celebrate 10 Years of Jfashion at the con.
With a large variety of Jfashion programming and honorable guests, it was a joy to capture all the excitment of the attendees, as well as activites in my newest video: I.AM Kawaii: 10 Years of Jfashion.

2017 has marked a evolution in harajuku fashion, so let's see what fellow jfashion attendees think of the style evolution, Gothic and Lolita Bible Discontinuation, KERA & FRUITS going online, and much more!^^

This is Kawaii Reporter Minako Sakurai, and until next time,
Stay beautiful and Stylish!^^